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  1. Has anyone seen this AFL patch before, or have any idea what unit or organization it represents? And what the heck is this lightning bolt patch? Mike
  2. The third one is 34th Panzer Grenadier Brigade, Bundeswehr or West Germany. Mike
  3. This DUI is the 1st Radio & Leaflet Bn. Mike
  4. Has any one seen this one before? It looks and sounds Army, but I don't think it is US Army. What military organization is this from? Mike
  5. Both were approved in 1942, so probably 1942/3 is when they were available. Both medals were available in 1948. Mike
  6. What is the identification for the lower right patch in Post #2? I have one and can place it. Mike
  7. My Father was in F/106th Cavalry which was horse until after it was Federalized in 1941, then the converted to Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Mike
  8. In the army, stationed in Europe like atb. Two years before in was in class at Marquette University like Robswashashore. Mike
  9. Yes, the Trailblazer, 70th Division patches would have been worn on the shoulder. The other patches with the flaming sword are US Army Europe, with the dark blue version being the predecessor organization, Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Forces. The blue and white metal insignia is the 29th Infantry Regiment. The clues that some of these were later issue are the new style box with metal trim for the Bronze Star and the bar code on the box for the Victory Medal. Mike
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