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  1. A - $18 to $20 B - $7 to $8 C - $25 to $30
  2. Wow, looks great! Please keep the pics coming.
  3. EGA was attached to this cover. Not sure if that is a Marine name. Thanks for looking, J.R.
  4. Not a huge EGA haul nor any J.R. Gaunt big $ EGAs, but I've been looking for this type of EGA for while. I stumbled across this one and it made my day.
  5. I will be there walking the aisles on Thursday. J.R.
  6. Regarding stock photo: I think you're better off taking a snapshot of the whole pile and stating you get one of these. I think you could exploit the variation theme with common patches as a way to bundle several common patches into a decently priced package.
  7. ok, maybe the book is incorrect.
  8. You may want to post a pic of your EGA in the EGA section. The T. Klie EGA reference book indicates that your EGA is probably a Vanguard made EGA from 1960s.
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