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  1. Hello. What do you think of this ike uniform, any red flags Thank you https://www.ebay.com/itm/WW2-Original-101st-82nd-Airborne-Paratroopers-Uniform-Sterling-Wings/264521049120?hash=item3d96aee420:g:7u4AAOSwNNVdvz9U
  2. No im not related im just a big fan of him. Was in Randers for a year ago, visited the rainforest, it was really good
  3. Hello and welcome. Im also from denmark, Odense. Nice to see another dane in here
  4. Very nice Looking uniform, thank you for sharing
  5. Welcome to the forum, this is a perfect place to get help and get alot of information
  6. Can i please see your 82nd and 101st airborne uniforms, i love these
  7. I just love these cased navy crosses, im also on the hunt for a lapel pin to complete my set,
  8. Any other fans of this great Looking medal?
  9. Hello i really need your opiniom of this ike uniform, i like it but what do you think, thanks alot for your time https://www.germanmilitaria.com/OtherNations/photos/C028878.html
  10. I was too late, the uniform is sold Thank you for your input and help Regards Ulrich
  11. Hello. I really need your help wirh this uniform, do you think its real or is it a put together? Thank you for your time and help https://www.germanmilitaria.com/OtherNations/photos/C028178.html Regards Ulrich
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