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  1. True, in the same lot were phantom division patches with od or different border, they all glow, except the 101st which does not glow under blue light.
  2. I picked this up while being at PAX River, MD. VQ4 squadron patch
  3. Thanks for the quick reply OCS. Quick question, wouldn't a green marker "bled" into the white thread in the back or yellow beak in the front?
  4. It has been some time since I've posted anything. Here is a patch I received in a lot. Could you please ID, make, time frame? Thanks
  5. Greetings guys, it has been a while... Recent find. Has anyone seen one of these before? Doesn't glow, attached tab, red tongue and OD border for the patch and the tab. I couldn't find this on the 101st "type" webpage. Any ideas if this is rare? Best Regards, Phil
  6. Hi Guys, thanks for all the input alreayd. The border is silver/gray - wings are white
  7. Greetings, I'm trying to find out to which unit this oval belongs to? Not sure if it comes out in the picture alright, but the color is red. Also, what timeframe would you put this in? Any info on this is apprecatied. Thanks Phil
  8. Hi there, Those are Army Aviation (Helicopter) patches. The unit became part of 3rd Infantry Division on 16 June 1989 and activated in Germany. It was relieved on 16 February 1996 from assignment to the 3rd Infantry Division and assigned to the 25th Infantry Division. Outlaws 3-4 Cav - flew Kiowa OH-58 choppers out of Conn Barracks, Schweinfurt. I'd rank it in worth at around 5 to 8 dollars. hope it helps Phil
  9. Hi guys, I'm usually not into pictures, but I ran across this one along with the scarf that I posted the other day. The guy seems to have the 78th Inf Div patch on his uniform (lightning bolt). enjoy
  10. Hi nice Blackhawk pictures, here's one of me infront of one that had just taken a shower/bath lol Taken March 2006, Fliegerhorst Kaserne, Hanau - Germany. The helicopter belonged to 2-501st Avn Regt, D "Dragonslayers" Co. Another fun topic/headline for this picture would be "I've taken ALL the parts" lol best Phil
  11. Hi guys, I ran into this silk scarf the other day. The patches and embroidery is just simply stunning, but I let you guys be the judge! The unit insignia (patch) is embroided directly into the scarf. It is about 15 cm wide and 1.5 meters long. On the right side where the ETO patch/stitchery is (this side is stitched vertical on the scarf) it says: Scotland, France, England, Luxembourg, Beldium - well and the ETO patch. On the left side also vertically on the scarf it says: Berlin Germany 1945 - 1946 and it has the 1st Airborne Army patch stitched/embroided right onto/into t
  12. Hi there, while I worked in Hanau, Germany I had a military display right behind me/my desk. I worked for the US Army Europe, 3rd COSCOM, 626th MCT (Movement Control Team) - BMCT HANAU (Branch Movement Control Team) located at Bldg. 23 at Pioneer Kasern, Hanau Germany. I used to deal with lots of S4 (supply) ppl and other customers who came from Rhein Main, they usually left me a crest or patch for my collection. Sorry the pic is so blury.
  13. Hi guys, another one I ran across. Now looking for a German made version of the 2nd Cav Div.
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