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  1. Went to visit a friend for D-Day yesterday. Yes, I'm dirty, my daughter and I went when I got off work. See that little string sitting on the table? When he was floating to the ground on his first jump in Sicily (in extremely high winds), a German gun rang out in the distance...next thing you know, he has a parachute cord dangling in his face. He cut it off as a souvenir. He and his wife got married after D-Day before Operation Market Garden. She is a British war bride, and they celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary in August. I am honored to know them. He was HQ/2/505, and made all 4 jumps
  2. Great items...both of you! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Wow! What time is dinner? Afterwords I'm digging through your room!
  4. Thanks for the kind words guys. I will look into the gas mask for sure. I'd like to find some dang boondockers that aren't Shaquille O'Neal's size! Oh, and regarding the canteens...he actually has a 2nd pattern canteen cover (short flap, lift the dot), but you can't even see it on the photo! Oops!
  5. Thanks for the correction on the POW's. I recently heard that Ben Franklin said don't always trust information found on the internet!
  6. He was on a heavy machine gun crew attached to an artillery unit.
  7. I am sharing these items with you guys because I think some of you may be able to appreciate them. Especially some of the veterans-USMC in particular. Growing up being very close to my grandmother, she taught me about history and antiques, and I grew to love those things as an adult. I have always felt a closer connection to history by items associated with events or eras. The battle for Iwo Jima Island killed some 7,000 Marines, and wounded 20,000. Of the 18,000 Japanese occupying the island, only 216 were captured. As a 29 year old man (non veteran) with a 3 year old little girl, I can't beg
  8. Thanks for the help guys! I guess mods may need to remove this due to not being military...oops!
  9. This appears to be a shoulder holster, or maybe for a Sam Browne type set up? The attaching points seem too small for a belt, so I'm not sure what or how it was carried. No markings of any kind. Any ideas are appreciated.
  10. I'll give them a call this afternoon. Thanks guys. I'll let you know the out come.
  11. If you saw the Barney Fife type in my town, you'd be hesitant to call, too! I may be front page news! So, does the bomb squad charge me for coming out, just to find out if it's safe? Am I going to be in trouble?
  12. I hope this is okay to post here, because, if I'm right on the ID, the US did use them some-but please correct me if I'm wrong. I picked this up over the weekend, and now I'm kind of worried. I saw the primer had not been struck, but figured that it may be just an insert or empty primer. The case itself doesn't feel dense as you would imagine one with powder in it to be. The projectile end is heavy, and when you tilt it back and forth (no I didn't shake it!), you can hear something rattling around. It is hard to tell if the rattling is coming from the projectile or shell casing. I emailed pict
  13. Let the big hammer swing-ban him...this is unacceptable behavior from a USMF member. We don't want to get a reputation for having this type of member allowed to roam free, do we?
  14. Back maybe 3 or 4 years ago, there was a thread on here that was just random "field expedient" helmet covers, if I recall correctly. Anyway, I remember there being a great picture of an Army sniper (looked to be in the ETO if I remember correctly). He was sitting, and there were other soldiers around him, and I think he was either looking over his M1903 or cycling the action of it. He had some sort of burlap helmet cover, or maybe it was just fabric? I just remember it being a really great photo, and I'm hoping someone here might remember it as well, and maybe even know where to find it. I als
  15. With your permission, I can post this on another forum I frequent and very likely get a quick answer. Please let me know, and thank you for your service-nice eye for souvenirs, also!
  16. I didn't buy this from the veteran, but from a guy that did at a yard sale. Note how the knife is written in, the guy I bought it from said he asked about the knife, and the guy said he'd never seen it either. Lord knows what it may have been... Edit: I just noticed the little knife in the top of the picture, this is totally unrelated to the conversation! Haha!
  17. It's a back pack cover. I have the 3 color on my Jeep. You can get them very cheap on Ebay...
  18. Hey fellas... Need some help ID'ing this stamp. "I" Troop, 3rd Cavalry, 25th Division? It's the "25" that gets me, not around until 1941 (Wikipedia) , but being this is dated 1910, it's for the .38 Double Action Colt New Service, correct? I don't have one any more to try the fit.
  19. I see where Kammo-Man is coming from. I don't make many sales here, but I try ! Anyway, I am not a computer guy by any means, but I do know that this forum did not appear out of thin air. Someone has to maintain it, and assign moderators, etc. So, I feel that as much as I've gotten out of it, I need to donate-I'm talking both knowledge/opinions, and sales here. But, I also realize that at some point, "requiring" things is going to turn some people off. I personally don't have the answer, but I do think it's a great thing to discuss. It's also a great point that perhaps someone just chose not
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