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  1. Here is mine on an Ike. Ray
  2. Match to one I have. Although not in the photo DUI's are the same. Ray
  3. If it would fit a good price for something to wear around. Ray
  4. No, reproduction. SEMS-Sturm European Military Surplus. Ray
  5. I bet the chinstrap was intact, some yahoo tried it on and broke it. Ray
  6. I know this seller and he knows what he has. He would not have taken the first low ball offer. He knows what I collect along with a few other area collectors but he will never offer us anything. Ray
  7. Yes, there is a Department of the Army along with Navy and Air Force. Part of the Department of Defense created in 1947. Ray
  8. I would wonder about only 5 service stripes, WWI service and the American Defense ribbon. Unless he got out and re-upped. The clutch back PUC concerns me too. Ray
  9. I don't think so. All of the officer caps I have the band, bodice as you call it, is one piece with the top. There are examples of a green band with a khaki top. Ray
  10. IMHO they look like Japanese planes on Iwo Jima. Twin engine a Betty and the fighter in the background the Frank, Japans copy of the P47. Still not worth the price. Ray
  11. If you are looking for info here is a good site. http://www.militarysunhelmets.com/ Ray
  12. Looks like 34th emblem on front of soldiers in background. Ray
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