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  1. Dave spent a few hours taking photos of my collection. Nice to see one was published, pg.74. Too bad he couldn't include some of the other documentation of this group. He said he hadn't seen some of it before. I hope he does a follow up volume. Anyway great book. Ray
  2. Must be nice to go to flea markets. Ours has been canceled. Ray
  3. Here is mine on an Ike. Ray
  4. Match to one I have. Although not in the photo DUI's are the same. Ray
  5. If it would fit a good price for something to wear around. Ray
  6. No, reproduction. SEMS-Sturm European Military Surplus. Ray
  7. I bet the chinstrap was intact, some yahoo tried it on and broke it. Ray
  8. I know this seller and he knows what he has. He would not have taken the first low ball offer. He knows what I collect along with a few other area collectors but he will never offer us anything. Ray
  9. Yes, there is a Department of the Army along with Navy and Air Force. Part of the Department of Defense created in 1947. Ray
  10. I would wonder about only 5 service stripes, WWI service and the American Defense ribbon. Unless he got out and re-upped. The clutch back PUC concerns me too. Ray
  11. I don't think so. All of the officer caps I have the band, bodice as you call it, is one piece with the top. There are examples of a green band with a khaki top. Ray
  12. IMHO they look like Japanese planes on Iwo Jima. Twin engine a Betty and the fighter in the background the Frank, Japans copy of the P47. Still not worth the price. Ray
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