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  1. I am researching a soldier who served in the 776th Amphibious Tank Bn and was killed on 21 Jan 1945. His name was Silas Victor King and according to the family, he was a driver for some officer. Have any of you ran across his name?
  2. The local, Springfield, MO, National Guard unit during WWII was Battery F, 203rd Coast Artillery, AA. The were sent to Alaska in 1942, in 1943, I think, the regiment was disbanded and the soldiers transferred to other units. I know of one soldier who ended up in the 4th Division and served in the Infantry in Europe. At least four members of Battery F were transferred to different infantry divisions and were killed in combat. There were other units that this happened to also, so this uniform could have belonged to someone that was in a guard unit, the unit was disbanded and the soldiers tra
  3. Since he is African-American he probably didn't serve in a airborne unit during WWII, as far as I know they were all segregated.
  4. Nan, What I have is a transcription of the article. It was in The Emporia Gazette, Oct 11, 1945 on p. 11. "Sgt Elvin H. Koger, who has been with the Americal Division band in the Pacific more than a year, arrived in San Francisco Wednesday and telephoned his parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.H. Koger, 714 Elm, telling them he expected to get his discharge soon. Koger left Emporia in January, 1941, with the 161st band. He served on New Caledonia, Bougainville, Leyte and Cebu. His wife, Mrs. Zelda Mae Koger, lives in Salinas, Calif." Dan
  5. 1968-1969. I remember buying bottles of Coke from road side vendors. If I remember correctly they were taller bottles, what we called "king size" in the states. They were bottled in Saigon, I think. I do know that it didn't taste like real Coke, but was wet and usually cold.
  6. If he had been in the 32d Infantry Division he should have an Asiatic-Pacific Campaign ribbon, which is not on the ribbon bars.
  7. I took basic training in C-4-2 at Ft. Wood in 1967, this photo is F-4-2. The belt is turned wrong side out because when one puts the pistol belt on it will scratch the brass belt buckle, he just forgot to turn it over. You are right on about the date. We had black and yellow US Army but subdued name tapes. sfcmac
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