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  1. So all "artwork" is recent add-on (fake)? :-)
  2. Pleas help to identify whether the helmet "Airborne" and "MP" marks are real.
  3. What is this ribbon for? Probably pre-WW1 period, thanks
  4. Marked on the back "HLP STER", 25 on the front is anniversary or regiment number?
  5. Thanks! I have no idea how they looked like - either buckle or belt. This is why I suggested it's a "poor replica" just want to see how the original looked like :-)
  6. Ok does it even resemble the real thing?
  7. I came alone this picture of belt, looks somewhat similar to M1902 but all I've seen were parade leather/fabric combination with fabric on the top and leather lining. Poor replica?
  8. Were there any fashion/tailoring differences between officer's and EM IKEs from WW2 period? I understand that insignia was different.
  9. Thanks this is what I thought :-)
  10. I came by 1955 Major uniform with insignia leafs stems facing the collar. I was under the impression that stems should face the sleeve seams. I think it's a laundry removal/remounting mistake.
  11. Only on the early tl-122 pictured on the left last posts in this thread http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/33988-tl-122a-flashlight/page-2&do=findComment&comment=1934903 The best stuff to stop rust would be LPS-3
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