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  1. Many thanks for the upate, he was special to me and many others are numbers from good old New York are getting down to a hand few, GAIN WHAT A RIDE, SINCERELY bob Bumbolow
  2. Well done John Stacy would be proud of your great work. i also have the same type of display so i know the time, expense. and love that goes into your work
  3. there is a reason for buying a repro,its called MONEY. not everyone has the means to buy the real deal but wants one to display. now passing one off as original is another story ,that's just plain wrong.
  4. I knew Bill from his e bay site and spoke with him many times . always had a kind word, a real Gent. too many of us are passing.R.I.P. .
  5. vt-8 also had a few advengers on midway it was part of vt 8 they were training with the new TBF to soon replace the devasters
  6. rugers are great and safe firearms, they last for ever.
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