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    Collecting WWII-Korean war Army items since I was about 12. Had a Grandad in the Army in WWII and another in the Korean war. Grew up hearing many a tale. Served myself 2002-2006.
  1. Nice! About 10-12 years ago a buddy of my Grandads who ran a little militaria store in Denver, he had somehow gotten a whole box of those, all like new. I guess they had come out of Nepal(?) Where they wound-up postwar. Wish I would have picked one up then, I think he asked $50ea then,
  2. I have seen a few quotes from some of Lyndon Johnsons' contemporaries that LBJ's Silver Star was "one of the most undeserved in history". I dont know much about LBJ but I guess there was/is some questions about the circumstances of the events that earned him the award. Harry Truman...give em hell Harry. I'd like to learn more about his service in WWI, I know he was in the FA of the 35th Division.
  3. I dont know the specific purpose of it in the helmet, but asbestos was once considered a "wonder product"...it seemed to be everything way back when.
  4. The ribbon bar on the pinks and greens....wow...and do I see WWI overseas chevrons but no WWI victory medal on that ribbon bar? funny how there is everything else under the sun on there...must have been on backorder The dog tags must be the super rare experimental non-notched backwards type made from empty beer cans found in SHAEF HQ...
  5. I have to agree with you, The jacket below was my wifes' Grandfathers Ike. Its exactly as he wore it home in October 1945. Has 2 bronze knots and no victory medal. It still amazes me to see how creative some GIs got with insignia/ribbons on thier jackets, honestly if there was anything consistant, it was how inconsistant they can be!
  6. I'm trying to learn a bit more about mid-late 50's AG44 uniforms, are these smaller SP5 insignias of a early pattern, or are they for womens uniforms?. I have a 55 contract dated jacket and a 59 that have SP5 and 4 ranks respectively but they are the larger sized patch.
  7. Yep, found a couple of those. Nothing like..well..65+ year old mucus..
  8. My camera is having issues, but I recently picked up a 1949 contract Air Force EMs 4 pocket jacket at a thrift store. I just found in the pockets a full yet wonderfully petrified pack of Beech-Nut gum, and a neat cocktail napkin for a lounge in Kansas City. We have all probobaly found stuff hidden in uniform pockets, I was wondering if anyone would care to share some of thier favorite finds?....for me there is a tie...I have an Ike jacket that I found several German badges in, and another that had a unused WW2 Army pro-kit in the pocket (guess his night was cut short)
  9. Let them stay in the soil where they belong. A dog tag is a very personal thing, more than likely they were next to the persons chest when they were killed. I just see something like that as being off limits in my book, dust to dust ashes to ashes I guess. Granted, the Army did technically dispose of the tags, but it was without any malice, the tags served thier purpose that they were made for. Just my opinion, that and .50 cents would get you nothin.
  10. NICE SAVES!!!..Congrats, yes it is sad to see that alot of items still find thier way into the trash. But at least those made it out ok.
  11. Nice uniform! I recently came across a AG44 to a 29th Artillery/4th ID Sp4 jacket I have some qestions on. I'm begining to like these VN items. Great find sir!
  12. I would bet a small sum thats him..considering the less than common last name. Good find, glad you could salvage some items, not a total loss
  13. Here are the USMC items I found during the search of '12, put them into thier own post, they wouldnt fit in the last one. 1. 1950s Winter Alpha jacket, could not find a date, but the cut and materials (except the lining) seem to be the same as the WW2 model. Missing its belt but clean. 2. 1968 dated jacket and 1969 dated trousers named to a Sgt JJ GERZE 3. 1 long and 1 short sleeve shirts that came with the above VN era uniform. I dont really collect USMC stuff but I hoped these were saved from being wrecked as Halloween costumes. If anyone wants to give these a home send me a
  14. Figured I would share a few of other items I found during the great thirft store Halloween search of '12. Took alot of looking on weekends/lunch hours but got some OK stuff..here are the Army items. 1. OG-108 wool, cut edge Sgt chevs and DI badge, tags are "DSA" but dont have a date..early 60s? 2. 1950 dated chocolate officers jacket, never had any SSI as far as I can see, but is missing a 'ESSAYON" corps of engineers button. (if anyone has a spare for sale, please send me a PM) 3. Couple of early OG 107 shirts to a Lt. Judson (relative of Fatso?). They both have cut-edge 91st Divi
  15. The say the chase is better than the catch...I dunno..regardless congrats and very nice!
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