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  1. Maryland Collector here also. Good luck and happy hunting!
  2. Cool. The 11th Corps built and occupied some earthworks in close proximity to my house and behind it, during the CSA retreat from Gettysburg. Maybe your soldier camped in my back yard?
  3. Here is a photo of mine. There are actually three related to the attack on Pearl Harbor. Unfortunately he stapled the Ellyson (DD-454) despatches together so you can't see the name and hull classification or number. While googling what WPL Forty was I found a similar series that was sold at Cowans a few years back: https://www.cowanauctions.com/lot/world-war-ii-teletypes-the-beginning-and-end-of-the-war-7-dec-1941-and-15-august-1945-1965626
  4. I have one of these as well. Came in a large grouping with dozens of other despatches. The one I have from the USS Ellyson, which was in Atlantic at the time.
  5. Thanks for the compliments everyone!
  6. Thanks guys. Will periodically update as room/collection gets updayed.
  7. He refers to his pilot comer, as "My Boy". © on the war diary above.
  8. Thank you for the information Jerry, but can you tell me why would a sailor from B Div have such a bag? It has his name stamped on it 8 times. Yes here are several pics. He was an Avenger crewman of VC-80 that flew off the USS Manila Bay, His crew made a confirmed hit on a Battleship or Heavy Cruiser from the Japanese Center Force that was retreating from Samar. Still having trouble determining which one.
  9. It's several groupings and/or single items all put together. The big things for me are the 3 Diaries. While they aren't necessarily the most detailed accounts they are still significant because they were actually there. -1 is Pearl Harbor Day through the Marshall's Raid in February 42. Sailor was later killed in Atlantic 1943 by a U-boat. -Another is by an aviation mechanic diary October 41-October 42 leaves the E before Santa Cruz. -The third is October 44- through the end of war. Got this from the family. An original seabag from an Enterprise sailor with 2 amateurish pin-ups drawn on, "Seattle Queenie" and "Honolulu Lou." Also included is a a box of pieces of kamikaze plane pieces he picked up after the 14 May 1945 strike. I didn't include a piece of propaganda he brought home but it is also part of the grouping. An Original Map with dates of actions drawn on it. I got two maps from the unnamed sailor that were tucked in a 1st ed of the Stafford Book. The one pictured has a short two week diary/log during the Formosa raid of October 1944 written on the reverse. A Copy of an original citation I have for a sailor's firefighting actions after a kamikaze strike April 11th,1945. I also have his Cap Talley, his October 1945 USS Enterprise Navy Day program and his Truman thanks letter. He is mentioned in the 1944 diary. A Bulova watch and dog tag from a Helldiver crewman along with an email detailing his service written by his daughter. Lastly there is a big chunk of shrapnel brought home by a VS-6 aviation mechanic.
  10. Thanks a lot. It is not easy to keep it at the minimum.
  11. Thanks. I rewired it myself. Oh wow. Can't believe I didn't notice! Just fixed it, thank's for the head's up.
  12. Still have a lot of work to be done to the room itself, not to mention tons of framing and more collecting to do . Everything is original except a few select documents I have made reproductions of, so I could keep the originals in safekeeping. The main exhibit is in the large blue backed horizontal case. In there I set up a USS Enterprise (CV-6) display, when the Midway movie came out. In the IKEA Detolf shelf beside it I have a few navy groupings from top to bottom USS Converse, famed desron 23 sailor, on top, USS Manila Bay Avenger group, USS Bullard diary group last but not least a small USS Washington/Pre-War Lexington flight log group My other Detolf is dedicated to the USAAF, -95th Bomb Group diary on top, opened to the entry where they ditched in the Channel after the 6 September 43 Stuttgart raid -451st Bomb Group - 466th Bomb Group D-Day diary group Sorry if pics aren't great. If you'd like to see anything in detail let me know. I hope my set-up is honoring the vets properly, any suggestions are welcome.
  13. Sorry for the delay everyone. I had the pictures all resized but then I went to upload them and it was saying they were still too large? This was supposed to go in the ephemera section, if a mod. could relocate it I would be most appreciative.
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