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    Spoils of War (Axis aircraft panels); WW-2 aircraft nose art; WW-2 U.S. made flag kill decals
  1. Greetings..... This appears to be one of those World War I spoof medals that were issued by the allies to mock the Germans/their Iron Cross medal. Is the IX made of cast iron? - Perhaps yes, as most were. Some had wording added to them. They turn up from time to time on various militaria web pages/on eBay. Cheers. Kenj
  2. Thanks for the update photos ...... I had an opportunity to visit the FHC a few years back, and enjoyed their special 'Luftwaffe Day'. Two of their Luftwaffe fighters, the Fw190 - (retrieved from Russian) - and the Bf109 did engine run-ups and individual as well as pair fly-bys. They have other special days, which (I believe) are advertised on their website. Well worth the effort of attending one or more. It appears that the museum is now including more armoured vehicles in their collection which makes for added viewing enjoyment. Cheers. Kenj
  3. Paul, Rob et al .... Sending out a copy image (enlarged) of the small Japanese flag decal illustration that appeared in one of the wartime publication I mentioned. The original illustration only measures 1 3/4" x 2 3/8" in size, and is captioned - 'SCORE CARDS' for Navy flyers ... I guess space was at a premium back then! Cheers - Ken
  4. Greetings from B.C.'s west coast Paul..... Thanks for the extra image! Thanks also for keeping me in mind, should you come across another example of the decal. Cheers again. Ken
  5. Good evening Paul - Thanks for uploading the photo. I'll have to work on the 'how to do it' aspect of this website, so I can start posting photos, etc.. Do you happen to have any spares of the kill decals? Would like to add one to my collection. I have a number of examples of German WW-2 kill markings (ground dug Russia) and one victory marking that was painted on the side of the aircraft (small hakenkreuz) - but the Japanese items have eluded me to date. Cheer for now. Kenj
  6. Good afternoon Rob - Hopefully somewhere along the line another one will show up. Cheers for now. Ken
  7. Sept. 22 - 3:30 p.m. Greetings Rob: I just joined the ranks yesterday. I went through some of the postings and noted your request for information. I'm still looking for an example of one of these victory markings, so if you know of anyone who has duplicates I would be interested in hearing from them. I have one related item on hand - it's a short write-up that was published in either the Popular Mechanics or Mechanics Illustrated magazine during WW-2. It features the image of one of the victory flags, plus the following wording: 'Score Cards for Navy flyers are supplied i
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