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  1. Hi, It's been a long time since I've been on the forum, and I hope to be back on a more regular basis in the future, but I was curious about getting some information and opinions on this as I've never seen a genuine USMC Dog Handler uniform before (plus I'm a little rusty as I haven't been focusing on collecting for some time). Link is below but images are also attached in case the listing is removed. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/SCARCE-1942-US-MARINE-DOG-COMPANY-UNIFORM-JACKET-AUSTRALIAN-MADE-FMF-PAC-USMC-/233614043780?fbclid=IwAR2X4Gp1_ZuQzJInywqMop1xJpL7chu5QHbapTfxa
  2. Thought I might say something, considering that he was awarded the MOH for saving two British soldiers he may well have been awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal by the British. I'm not so good on British medals but the DCM is the equivalent to the Military Cross (at the time awarded only to officers of a certain rank), but the DCM was usually awarded to enlisted men (which Reidar Waaler was) who failed to meet the requirements to be awarded the Victoria Cross. I would say it's the DCM over the Meritorious Service Medal since he's a foreign soldier and cannot be awarded the VC but would hav
  3. A very iconic image here in Australia but the story of Bull Allen is one that very few Australians actually know. The image shows Allen carrying an unconscious American solider during the Battle of Mt Tambu, just one of the 12 wounded Americans he carried to safety that day. Allen enlisted in the 2nd Australian Imperial Force on April 19, 1940 and was a stretcher-bearer with 2/5th Battalion. Allen saw action in the Western Desert Campaign and Syria-Lebanon Campaign during 1941 before returning to Australia in August of 1942. In October of 1942 Allen was sent to Papua New Guinea. Alle
  4. A friend of mine who collects British medals but is now moving into US medals came across this mounted navy cross group and asked me if it was genuine. I know very little when it comes to medals but I know there are a few guys on here who do have an in depth knowledge on this stuff, so any help and advice would be appreciated. Cheers, Jack
  5. Not a particularly rare or exciting uniform as it is unnamed, however I couldn't help myself from bringing this home with me last weekend. For some reason I just had a great affinity for it. Has Lieutenant Colonel ranks and is dated august 1955 on the inside pocket. It's now on display in my study as my new favourite uniform.
  6. There is also a large company photo with the grouping and through a bit of trail and error I think I've managed to locate Miller in it. He's the one in the centre of the back row
  7. The grouping did come with a Purple Heart however it isn't named to Miller, so I don't actually know if it belonged to him. Becasue if I'm not mistake or as far as I'm aware all KIA Purple Hearts were engraved?
  8. I recently rediscovered that I had this grouping to Edward Levi Miller who was KIA December 17th 1944. I forgot that I had it and it was only when I was sorting through some of the storage boxes that I found it again. I think that I must have packed it away when the house was being renovated a few years ago. It's a fairly large document grouping with a bunch of paperwork and what I've been able to piece together from the paperwork in the grouping and some research is that Miller served with the 78th Infantry Division, 309th Infantry Regiment. I've also managed to find that he enlisted in t
  9. As of now this is my favourite mounted group
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