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  1. Got even more than I wanted- Thank you Jon !
  2. Just completed a smooth transaction with Jason at Overlooked Militaria. Great folks to deal with, good commo, and very reasonable items. A+ all the way. Thanks Jason!
  3. Just hope I get my quality item.
  4. Has anyone ever done business with these folks?
  5. Based on honesty, fairness, prices, quality, and shipping - here are my top 5 #1- War Dog Militaria #2-Blood On The Risers #3- Our Boys Of 98 #4-Battlefront Collectables #5- Time Traveler Militaria
  6. Great post! I live 2 miles from the Castle Air Museum where there is an actual A-12 type 1 on display amongst other aircraft. They also have one of the largest squadron patch displays in the U.S. Hope you can make it out to the West Coast one day to see them.
  7. I would get ahold of the museum there in Buffalo. They have historians who volunteer on board the ship. Great place to visit. You get a real feel for 350 sailors cramped up on a small tin can during some of the major battles of the South Pacific.
  8. Great for reference. Many of his items are seldom seen. He's a good guy too.
  9. Nice item . Thanks for the photos.
  10. Thanks Fellas. I am glad I said something.- Jim
  11. There are two of the more expensive and rare ovals presently for sale on E-Bay. Most of the items the seller has look authentic but those two seem a bit odd to me . I am only asking but maybe someone with more knowledge could give their opinion. Thanks
  12. Home at last. God Bless you Sir! Rest in peace.
  13. R.I.P. Sir- Home with the Airborne- All The Way. Prov. 16:33
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