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  1. Ah - digital resolution strikes again! Had a feeing it was in the same place as the where the rear of the folded section ended. The original rivets & white thread should have been a clue. Hamster indeed!! That's one of many guinea pigs...over 70 highly trained killers kept ready to strike - if the an army of carrots ever tries to invade we're ready for them....
  2. Good head's up - but the seller has ended the listing.
  3. Nice Gerber One thing I spotted though - has the top section of the scabbard been repaired? Looks like a new leather section, either that or the part that retains the M1910 hook was folded the wrong way at the factory.
  4. Well ahead of you on that one My V-42 scabbards are due for release early 2013, with the Gerber Mk.II scabbards shortly after that...
  5. Sounds like his 2 grand-dads best meet up for a glass of something & compare notes! Have a good day with them all - keep us posted on the other M3
  6. 14.00+ here Grandkids up since 03.30 - was the house on fire??
  7. Hi Skip - someone is up early The rivets I use are the approx correct size - but the genuine WW2 ones were more of a domed head profile - as you'll see from the one I sent you mine are more of a "cheese head" type There was no wear on ANY of the metalwork apart from the strap press-stud Will have to see what the seller has to say about it & what they do ATB Jon
  8. Hi & Happy Christmas to all... OK - I have been made aware of a listing on Ebay that is of a genuine M3 Kinfolks knife, "paired" with an M6 MILSCO scabbard.... The MILSCO M6 is one of mine!! Check out Ebay #230901247123 - the main points to note are: the type of rivets I use for the throat, plates & M1910 hook areas of the scabbard are easy to see the lower one-piece eyelet also looks like one that I have only been using for a few weeks uneven colouration/aging - looks like someone has dipped the whole thing in Neatsfoot Oil or some such & polished the retaining strap p
  9. Font size AND the odd angle of the letter "S" makes me lean toward yours being a repro. My 02c anyway...
  10. You mean the TWO straps, surely? There is the thinner "rear centre piece", and the wide main strap that is split to form the "shoulder strap" sections It'd be interesting to see the makers drawings for these to get the cutting pattern that was used, as the shoulder straps seem to have a fair amount of lateral movement in the design - which could lead to problems if not maintained in use... I'd also be interested in more images of the belt clips. Very strange approach to the problem - a belt loop & D-ring did the job for most other armies
  11. Where did you get that information, about the M2 ball being the standard round?
  12. ...and the USMC knife used a knurled BRASS handle, did it? Thought not I can have these knives made today to exactly that spec.(or any spec.) so whoever paid $450 needs their head looking at!!
  13. I read somewhere, & MAY also have seen a clip from a WW2 training movie, that stated that the M2 A.P. round was THE main issue ammunition; as the powers that be considered the WW2 battlefield to be an armored battlefield - so issuing AP as standard meant that the GI was able to engage personel AND light skinned vehicles, half-tracks, etc.
  14. The original military powder for the 30-06 was H4895 4895 is THE main powder I use, not just for my 30-06's but also for my 223 & my 6.8
  15. There are quite a few ammunition companies offering low recoil cartridges now Standard ammo should be ok - but the higher velocity offerings may well end up costing you the price of an operating rod Check what the M2 spec round was (bullet weight & velocity) then shop accordingly for a cartridge that matches or is below those parameters Happy hunting!
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