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  1. At the front has them: http://atthefront.com/fabricandhardware/ushardware.html (scroll down to the bottom of the page, "5/8"or 1" Ball Tips") Sure, they are intended for ww2 gear, but they should be the same.
  2. I got a swivel bails helmet, and its chinstrap is short too: I bought it some 30 years ago, so I suppose it's not an helmet with repro chinstraps. Did anybody else ever find a swivel bails helmet with short chinstraps?
  3. Pardon my ignorance, but do exist WW2 production belts without the inner pocket straps (clip straps)? When did they definitively eliminate the inner straps?
  4. More than 20 years ago I bought a strange M-41 jacket. The pattern is the same of US issue jackets, but the materials aren't the same: the cotton shell and the wool lining are coarser, and the finishing and hems are somewhat crude. Buttons are a cream shade in colour. Above all, in the collar area (where you can usually find the size label) it has a white cotton label that says: "M. Berman LTD 18 IRVIN ST LEICESTER SQ., W.C.2" Is this a real "British made" m-41 or some kind of old repro?
  5. Just out of curiosity, how common was the use of helmets painted with the bright "big red one" on the front by the 1st ID on D-Day? (Can't find any old thread with clear info about this subject, sorry)
  6. Apart from the embroidered 50 stars flag on the shoulder, is it just me who find this jacket quite suspect?
  7. X2. Please, would anybody clearly explain his doubts?
  8. Granted that I'd never buy a WW2 "para" helmet that I can't see and touch in person, what do you think is so fishy in those chinstraps? (Just to improve my knowledge on the matter.)
  9. Pardon my ignorance, but what does "LC1" and "LC2" mean? What are the differences? When did the change take place? As a footnote I don't know if anyone noticed that, but the drawings on the covers of the 1976 ALICE manual and of the FM 21-15 manual ("Care and Use of Individual Clothing and Equipment") are obviously taken to the last detail from the first photos of the ALICE equipment. The only difference is that the drawings show a white soldier, while the photos portrayed a black soldier. Enough for a serious racial issue. Strange that nobody complained about that at the time.
  10. Guys, the marking APCO stands for American Patrol Company: it's one of the most famous (and "oldest") companies making repro gear for Hollywood...
  11. Well, this is not correct: "front seam" M1 helmets were used by all US forces till october 1944. Since that date, the seam was moved to the back. And, to answer the original question, the M1 and M1C shell is the same, but the paratroopers chinstrap is different in that it has an extra strap that attaches by means of a male press button to a female button inside the special paratroopers' liner (so that the shell/liner complex is more firm). The earlier M2 paratrooper helmet also had particular "D" fixed bales, while regular M1s have rectangular bales (fixed, and later - after 1943 - swivel typ
  12. So if a repro doesn't bear the marking "repro", every neophyte will be sure it's original... Knowledge is the only way to avoid disappointing experiences, not markings.
  13. One more question for you helmet experts. I own a front seam, swivel bales M1 helmet in mint condition - I mean: no damage, perfect corking, no rust, etc. There are two oddities anyway: first, the colour. It's a bit lighter that usual - lighter than many other m1s I've seen at least. Secondly, the canvas chinstrap, correct OD 3 ("khaki"), with stamped steel buckle and wire hook, is a bit short, so that it can't be connected on the back of the shell. (As far as I can see, it's an original chinstrap: I have seen and compared many repros and originals, and this one feels quite right.) Consider
  14. Yes, they are the same ones: IMA and Atlanta Cutlery have the same products since they are associated - or something like.
  15. If I can add an explanation, this is a retouched and coloured B/W photo, not an artist's impression - even if the details of the bales could have been added by the retoucher.
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