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  1. I was issued the white t-shirts for basic ( Ft Benning soil turned them a red/brown color) in 1981. When I arrived at Ft Polk in the fall of 81, I received an initial issue of green t-shirts but all of my unit patches were still colored red( 5th ID) it wasn't until later that we had to switch over to the black patch
  2. Correct me if I am wrong but did'nt life boat survival water come packed in cans
  3. May have guarded the Cuban Refugees from the Muriel Boat Lift
  4. never was issued one (81-89 Army Infantry) , but I would either use a ration can , esbit stove or a shallow trench
  5. I still have the facemask I bought in Germany. I hate to see what they have to say about the wool shirts and field pants
  6. Do you think it was from the old 3rd AD . I think they had a runner at the ROCK. We had a static M-24 in Gelnhausen
  7. The building still stands in Sharpsburg Pa. You can view it when your on route 28 North East of Pittsburgh
  8. The VTR crew ( mechanics) had them at Ft Polk in the early 80's . I would assume the maintenance platoon had them in Germany but we were changing over to Division 86 and all the mechanics were in Headquarters company and not the line units
  9. we had them for the 113 series. since there is a collection of vehicles perhaps it was at Ft Greely ( the cold region test center)
  10. Going to have to order it. My Father in Laws uncle was with the 6th Marines , he was KIA on June 5 1918. My brother in law has some copies of correspondence between his father and the Marines surrounding his death. I made a post on the forum a few years ago and received a lot of help from some fine people about his burial and location at the cemetary
  11. Very nice model. I road on that rail line in the mid 80's. It was a very somber feeling to visit the Allied cemetery at Kanchanaburi Thailand
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