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    Collector of WW2 USAAF flying jackets and flight related equipment .

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  1. I thought it sensible to post photos of this lovely A2 Jacket removed patch here for future reference. I will be offering it up for Sale in the Classified section here . Regards . Jim
  2. Just to let you know I've offered it up for sale in the classified section here for 24 hrs before I take it to a show . Jim
  3. Thanks for the advice. I guess I need to save a bit more ! Though it sure looks like a beautiful patch !!
  4. What sort of money are these usually ? I haven't seen one of these come up before ?
  5. Hi. I see a 320 Bomb Squadron 90 Bomb Group patch has just been listed on EBay. Were these Australian made ? Rgds . Jim
  6. I am happy to discuss / negotiate price with any fellow forum members subject to it not having received any bids . PM to discuss .
  7. Hi All, I tried to add some pictures but no matter how much I reduced them by ( even using Ben's size reduction link ) they still came up as being too large to post. The grouping is now listed on Ebay.co.uk in case anyone is interested drop me a pm , Try searching 91st BG or A2 flying jacket . Regards , Jim
  8. Thanks , I will pull it all from storage and make some pics for you
  9. jacket pic , if anyone wants to get in touch drop me a pm
  10. Hi Folks . A number of years ago I bought this genuine painted A2 grouping including his is mission notes , photos ect. It was all the property of John E.Gottsche. Navigator on B-17 Priority Gal . 91Bg 323 Sq. Since owning it my space has got less and less. I have attached my photos from when I bought it ( as it has been stored ever since ) . Can I please ask fellow forum members what the grouping value would approx be as I may well put it up for sale in the coming weeks .
  11. Thanks to all for kind input ; sent it to ebay !!
  12. Can I have the Experts opinions please on the label in this A2 ? is this the correct label type for a Wartime J A Dubow A2 ? I don't have access to Gary's excellent reference book so would really appreciate comments from the more seasoned A2 collectors out there
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