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  1. Aside from what has already been posted details on this are rather scarce. Some groups have expressed interest in recovering it for static display but it appears funds are a problem. I could be wrong but I believe this was found in 2019. I don't think it has been cut up. Tanks are found every so often in the Philippines. Some time ago I posted about the 6 M10 tank destroyers underwater in La Union, which ended up becoming a dive site.
  2. A junked US WW2 Stuart tank in the water off a dock in Manila, Philippines surrounded by junk. Another one was recovered recently in Cebu.
  3. Nice one! Have those same DUI's which I found in a bunker on Corregidor Island. The ones I found were screwback though.
  4. #3 looks like a Philippine Constabulary patch
  5. I could be wrong but it looks very similar to a scuba compass. This would normally have a rubber boot with a cut-out that would allow the user to view the side reading function.
  6. Was going through some of my M56 gear and found a ammo pouch dated 1959. Would pouches with 59' dates be considered common? It's in very good condition, looks like it was never used.
  7. Yes, I tried as well and it's the German M43 that pops up.
  8. Thank you for the reply, appreciate it.
  9. This M43, not the one with the pile liner.
  10. Just a question regarding the M43 field cap. Were these used in WW2? Some people say that they weren't, that they were first used in Korea. Doesn't the lead character in "Fury" wear a M43 field cap? Is this correct? Are there any pics of the M43 field cap in use during WW2?
  11. Here's one I picked up a few years ago...
  12. Yes, it is for the Philippine Army 2nd Infantry Division (1976), also known as the "Jungle Fighter" Division.
  13. Darktide

    Boker M3

    It's a single-tang.
  14. Darktide

    Boker M3

    Picked up this Boker single-tang M3 for the equivalent of US $25.00 in the Philippines. Sadly, the stacked leather handle had completely rotted away, was just the blade. A local knifemaker replaced the handle and polished the blade. The pommel was not removed when the handle was replaced.
  15. Thank you for your replies.
  16. Saw this posted on a page and was wondering if it's real. Fabric is rip-stop. Sorry, this is the only pic I have.
  17. Thank you for the replies. Helped a lot.
  18. Was finally able to copy the pics...
  19. Thank you for your reply. No, the fuller does not extend all of the way to the point.
  20. Hope someone can help with this one... This is a UFH 1943 dated bayonet which is being sold in the Philippines. I am thinking of getting it but a friend said that it was no good as it has been shortened. The seller states that it has a 10" blade and has not been sharpened. My question is, has this been shortened after it left the factory? Based on what I have read here in the forum 10" seems to be the "normal blade length for a M-1 bayonet. I read that UFH used left-over blanks and cut them down, but that this was a factory job. Does this make the bayonet in question "no good"? I tried to copy the pics to post them here but am unable to do so. Please see the link.
  21. The button on this cuff seems to have been replaced with a even older button. The fabric used for the cuffs seems to have a different weave from the rest of the shirt (or is it just me?).
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