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  1. Thanks Allan. I was messaged so further information that seems to confirm that. Paul
  2. Hello, I need some help with a little mystery that I have been trying to solve for some time. Attached is a small grouping that includes some stationary souvenirs from Fort Benning Georgia, an 82nd Abn Patch, 101st Abn Booklet and a photo. The mystery is that the photo has on the back has written 'Sunday June 13, 1943, PVT Joe Pesce, 505th Infantry, North Africa and Europe. On closer inspection, PVT Pesce is clearly wearing a 101st Abn Patch so I'm trying to work out how he's described as being part of the 82nd when he's wearing a 101st patch in the photo? A
  3. Fantastic Mort. Thanks Paul
  4. Interesting observation. I'm still of the opinion that the first wing posted is a US made example, but the dilemma is the missing white cheese cloth. It might be my eyesight but the wing doesn't seem to have any age to it? Enjoying this thread. Paul
  5. The highlighted blue embroidery on the wing looks like a US made PF wing to me. The unusual feature is the absence of the mesh on the rear. As highlighted by Mort the backing material looks black and not purple? Attached is a photo of a US made wing above an uncut Brit wing. Paul
  6. All great pieces of history. Congratulations on becoming the new custodian. Good collecting Paul
  7. Great discussion on this rare insignia. Attached is a photo of an attributed grouping. Paul
  8. Nice Jack. Thanks for showing these. Paul
  9. Very nice Eric especially with the photo. Paul
  10. Amazing Bill! Thanks for sharing these.
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