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  1. Thanks Allan, much appreciated. I also learnt something with the description of the ten feathers. Regards Paul
  2. Hi Gents, Just wanted to confirm when this patch was worn? 1950's? Thanks Paul
  3. Hi Mort, Thanks for the kind comments on the Ranger insignia. Attached is a rear photo of the 2nd Corps for comparison with the Liberty Loan 2nd Corps patch. Some beautiful insignia being shown on this thread. Thanks Paul
  4. Great to see some very nice insignia. I was lucky to pick up some nice Ranger pieces. Paul
  5. I managed to find some nice Italian made insignia. Paul
  6. The tab that started this thread is a nice original. The one highlighted by 'Bill the Patch' with glue and remnants of having paper under the letters on the back I don't believe is original. Attached are two photos of original tabs. Paul
  7. Wow that's great news, I really appreciate the reply. I wonder if it's possible to trace the Marines name on the uniform - P. Mendoza? Thanks again Paul
  8. Gents, Way out of my depth with uniforms as I normally stick to patches. I'm trying to find out if the attached jacket and pants. I believe P44, are WW2 era? As the photos show the uniforms have a bit of wear and tear and also have a name on the back - P. Mendoza. Thanks for any replies. First photos of the Jacket. Good collecting. Paul
  9. Hi Gents, This patch has always been a mystery until I came across this thread. Unlike the patch that started this thread the one I have is clearly embroidered by hand. Thoughts on this patch? Thanks Paul
  10. Thanks Allan. I was messaged so further information that seems to confirm that. Paul
  11. Hello, I need some help with a little mystery that I have been trying to solve for some time. Attached is a small grouping that includes some stationary souvenirs from Fort Benning Georgia, an 82nd Abn Patch, 101st Abn Booklet and a photo. The mystery is that the photo has on the back has written 'Sunday June 13, 1943, PVT Joe Pesce, 505th Infantry, North Africa and Europe. On closer inspection, PVT Pesce is clearly wearing a 101st Abn Patch so I'm trying to work out how he's described as being part of the 82nd when he's wearing a 101st patch in the photo? A
  12. Fantastic Mort. Thanks Paul
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