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  1. Hello all, anyone have any idea on the vintage of this crest? I picked the two badges out of a bin of stuff, so I don't know if the Black Aces badge is the same era as the Tomcat badge.
  2. Not a commonwealth piece, at least not a recognized one. The hardware is wrong for something British or Canadian of any Wartime vintage.
  3. That's neat. Construction looks correct for a british made RAF Observer wing, but as pointed out, the wing is on the wrong side of the O. I do know, but in rare circumstance, the Wing was worn on the opposite side of the tunic when worn by Polish or Czech ex-pats in the RAF. They were usually in Miniature form, but some full sized brevets were worn, and some Observers had the wing on what we consider the ``wrong side.`` As I said, this opposing sided wing was a very rare occurrence
  4. Thanks for that, I had no idea! I thought they were a Canadian thing only
  5. Granted I don't know a whole lot about this era at all, but there's also a Canadian Voodoo Scope Wizard patch, that was worn by the Canadian Forces Navigators.....Seems unusual as well?
  6. Looks like an Amcraft, but the back bears the scooped out detail of the front......I think Polar Flight wings are like that?
  7. IF that wing is good, the value isn't that far off....I'd pay it. BUT I'd have to see the back first. It could be a really nice Firmin, then again it might not be!
  8. In regards to the "Bombigator" wing, we had a similar one in the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War Two. It was referred to as "Navigator B" or "Navigator, Air Bomber" and represented the dual qualification that a navigator can have on some aircraft, especially fighter-bombers like Mosquitoes and such.
  9. I had a wing almost exactly like this once! Mine was clutchback though. Mine did say sterling, but that had been blobbed over with solder before it was plated, presumably because the applied centre device was a different metal!
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