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  1. Thank you both for responding. I thought it strange to not have any markings but did not know for sure. Once again forum members come to the rescue. thanks again Anthony
  2. Hi all, Looking at an M7 bayonet and M10 scabbard. Are modern M7's unmarked, or is this a repro. Other than being unmarked it looks good. thanks Anthony
  3. Thanks for getting back to me guys. Anthony
  4. Hello Gents, I have an old Case M3 knife in rough shape. This was my Dad's and don't know if he brought it back from Europe after WW II or where it came from. There is no scabbard. I have seen some that were like brand new go for close to $200. What is this worth? Any ideas? thanks Anthony
  5. Steve B, You got it. Germany, in the early '70's. At the rip-off shop. Did not try to wear on fatigues but did wear them on dress greens on the trip to Frankfort and home.
  6. To the Forum, I appologize for my lack of discretion and poor choice of words. Thank you for editing. That will not happen again. I would have a difficult time explaining that to a young one. respectfully Anthony
  7. Hi All, I wasn't sure where to post this, being it is part of a uniform I thought it might go good here. Unit crest for dress greens and OVERSEAS cap. Thought others might enjoy. Has anyone else seen any similar? Anthony
  8. after you freeze them microwave the little buggers
  9. anyone ever try using saddle soap or mink oil? ( paste )
  10. I love the night pics, most non vet civilians have no idea as to the size of that equiptment. Kind of reminds me of when stationed in Europe and the Cav would drive their 88's ( exhaust grates glowing dull red ) around the Kaserne at night heading out to the alert site with the full compliment of armored vehiciles. thanks for the pics
  11. If I had one in the barn I'd restore it for sure. The tendency to flip thing wouldn't worry me. Drive a little slower and cautiously. Basically it is an all terrain vehicile ( a big quad ) and they will flip under the wrong conditions. just my $.02
  12. Buddy of mine took this shot at the wrong end of the 105MM main gun - M60 tank (not sure of the revision) Anthony
  13. What beautiful pieces of equipment. I hope before I die to move to a state the allows full auto ownership. I am now a resident of NY where they register everything including slingshots! (just kidding). NY - the vampire state - they suck the life out of you and the money out of your wallet !
  14. Evening All What should one expect to pay for a parka in excellent condition? It has the fur trimmed hood and 60/40 wool/cotton liner. Zipper works, all the buttons, draw strings, little leather pieces on the end of shell hood draw strings are there. Anything else to look for? thanks Anthony
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