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  1. Five Star Leather out of Pakistan is getting some traction over at the VLJ. Seems to be a good jacket at a decent price.
  2. Maybe just hang it up outside and let the sun do some fading?
  3. Anyone else make good repro tiger stripes besides Moore Militaria? He seems to be out of stock at this moment.
  4. It does look cool, but with my OCD, I'd probably have some sort of mental episode.
  5. Haven't seen their current run, but I had one of their first ones and it was OK. Kept me warm, looked the part. I have a Buzz Superior Togs B-10 and it's a great jacket. Here's a link to HPA where I bought it: https://www.historypreservation.com/products-page/brands/buzz-ricksons-usaaf-b-10-intermediate-flying-jacket-superior-togs-co/ Now, that being said, on vintageleatherjackets.org, some guys found these jackets: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/2015-male-short-design-US-air-force-B10-cotton-jacket-free-shipping/1229407_32525147374.html?spm=2114.12010612.0.0.MXpGc5
  6. My friends son wants to patch up a jungle fatigue jacket like his Grandfathers. He's not into living history, reenacting, etc; this is just something he wants to do and wear around on his own. Moore Militaria has some kick rump repros, but they're a bit out of his price range. Originals in his size are too pricey, too (kid is 5'11" and 190 at 17!). That leaves the Rothco brand jackets. What's the scoop on those? I see that Moore sells them on his website as a low cost alternative, so I'd think they aren't too bad. Has anyone purchased one? Thanks!
  7. I know what you mean. I have DCUs in my closet right now. Wouldn't take much to change out a few patches and suddenly, this uniform belonged to a dude in some Super-duper paratrooper unit. As Cap Camouflage Pattern I said, it's pretty easy to do.
  8. That'll be interesting if it happens. I have one of each in my collection. Oops.
  9. Dave Witmer was in my unit. I don't think I met the guy, but I heard of the name. When I joined in 1996, there were a lot of old timers that had flown the EC-121 ("Back in the Connie days"....and then a hush fell over the crowd) and did the whole Commando Buzz deployment to Thailand.
  10. The Guard is like that now. We had dudes there were prior Navy, Marines, Army and Coast Guard.
  11. http://www.imgrum.net/user/hawkwood_mercantile/2504451522/1282639335971491650_2504451522 These are Indigo, but he has the standard HBT color too.
  12. Before I retired in 2012, I saw a guy wearing one. He was a new dude, so I imagine he got it from his last unit. I still don't think anyone was issued with them in my old squadron; but then again, we're ANG.
  13. Looks great. It really did clean up nicely.
  14. Oh, yes, the "Frank Buck Bring 'em back alive" jacket. My uncle had some of these in his duffel. I think they were all dry rotted for being in the attic for so long.
  15. When I went to Saudi in June 1991, we had the "newer" ones. Guys in my section that were just coming back had the older, reinforced desert BDUs. I also remember that we got the desert BDUs while we were in theater.
  16. I'll have to agree with Doyler. I think most of the pictures I've seen of Tarawa, the Marines seem to be wearing brown camo. I could be wrong, tho.
  17. Cool patch. The grandfather of a guy I flew with was on the Pelias during the attack at Pearl Harbor.
  18. I flew on EC-130s. At airshows, people would pass by and say things like, "Yeah, they used these in World War two." Or look at the antenna pods at the end of the wings and say, "They can land these on the water."
  19. I know that a Hong Kong shop called "Workware" sells P44 trousers, but like the Buzz Rickson trousers, they're a bit expensive at around $80 or so. If you really want to go nuts, there's a guy selling them under the name "Hawkwood Mercantile" out of Delhi, India. Those are only a paltry $138.00.
  20. Very nice. We have a family friend that has all sorts of WH/AF1 stuff at their home. China, silverware, linens, you name it. Of course, it was all stolen from supply......
  21. I remember some guys having the ones with the clear plastic over the top. Really looked like crap when it peeled away.
  22. Those were the sh!t in Desert Storm. Everyone wanted one, even tho they didn't work worth a crap for camo. I just found mine in the attic a few days ago.
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