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  1. Trooper Bob Pierce, a very sad time for the military collecting community. He was a very dynamic man. We did a lot of business together over the years. And as we all know, he had some great stories. As a State Trooper in North Carolina, can you imagine getting pulled over by Bob? I would be willing to bet that you could not talk you way out of that traffic violation. Lastly, I do want to mention that I actually saw Bob smile three times. My deepest sympathy to his wife Nancy and Family. He will be dearly missed. Love and Respect, John Korompilas
  2. My Deepest Sympathy to the Doug Boyce Family. One of the finest men in our military collecting community. Doug was an early pioneer in the US medal collecting field. He was always upbeat and chipper, and willing to share his knowledge and expertise with us 'young pups'. I have known Doug for many years, as many of you have. Some of my best US medal groupings that I have purchased over the years, came from him. Happy to say that I still have them. He always had a wide variety of inventory that appealed to the casual looker and buyer, to the most advanced collector. A wealth of knowledge from
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