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  1. Another outstanding presentation Dennis. Your craftsmanship and vision are apparent in this diorama. Interesting background information as well. Thanks for showing! Bob
  2. Thank you Dennis, as I have said before, it is an honor to be the caretaker of these family heirlooms. A labor of love! Bob
  3. Lastly is a photo of my Uncle, General Chesarek on the day he was promoted to Commanding General of the AMC in 1969. Thanks for looking, Bob
  4. Back home the medalion was added to the Generals dress whites. And the plaque was added to the wall of remembrance.
  5. Shown below are the medals and plaques that were given to the inductee's or their family representatives.
  6. Here is the cover of the program. And a nice document that was awaiting me in my hotel room.
  7. General F. J. Chesarek is Inducted into the AMC Hall of Fame! I am way behind in posting this information about the honor that was bestowed on my Uncle early this spring. Back in Feburary, I was invited to a ceremony that was to be held at the Redstone Aresonal in Alabama on March 14. This was the second time that past commanders of the AMC were honored for their accomplishments while in command of the Army Materiel Command. General Chesarek was the AMC Commander from March 10, 1969 until Oct. 31, 1970. This photo shows the current headquarters of the AMC. There was to be a t
  8. Boy you can say that again! That watch was worn in the Battle of the Bulge and the Ruhr Pocket battle. That watch was on his wrist when he was wounded by German artillery shrapnel and on his wrist as he received his Silver Star too. Thanks Firefighter!
  9. Hi guys, Thought I'd bring this post back to life for those who haven't seen it before by adding a little display that I created to hold the Generals watch that he wore all through WWII and into Korea. It was made by the Crawford watch co. and believe it or not, still works and keeps perfect time. I had this watch just lying flat on a shelf in the cabinet but I felt that I could make something to hold it in a more presentable manner. The base is walnut and I added an original lapel device for the 28th field artillery of which my uncle was the commanding officer on the battle through the E
  10. To the Bando family. We are so sorry to hear of your senseless loss. May God welcome Christopher into his arms and give peace to your family. Bob & Chris Chesarek
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