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  1. Hey there Parker! I know it’s a bit of a drive, but we have a great group in College Station, Texas based on the 14th Armored. We use a large collection of vehicles including 3 Sherman’s, a Stuart, chaffee, hellcat, etc. Shoot me a PM if interested!
  2. Patches, That was a great thread, thank you! I’m glad the photos from 2015 survived the photobucket change. Really cool seeing them NOS out of the wrap like that!
  3. So close but so far! Would have been cool to have the last name written on the cap or something. Thank you!
  4. Great to know, thank you so much for taking time to answer!
  5. Thank you for the info! A few questions for you: 1. By “enlisted man” would that be non-officers? 2. Is it possible to tell if this cap is WWII era or post WWII? 3. What is the “K-“ number in the cap? It seems to be stamped and written in. Thanks again!
  6. I recently picked up this cap for about $45 and was hoping y’all could tell me a bit about it? There are a few stamps, one looks like a manufacturer stamp but it’s a bit too faded to read. The second I thought might be a laundry stamp? Any info would be great, thanks guys!
  7. Just got done reading through this, what an awesome article, thank you for sharing! Thanks for all the comments guys. I’m continuing to look for photos and references!
  8. Glad to hear there’s at least ONE photo out there. If you happen to come across it again, send it my way please!
  9. I was talking with a fellow collector the other day and was told that the sights for rifle grenade launchers were never actually fielded in WWII, is their any truth behind this? There are tons of “NOS” 1944 sights on eBay and online vendors, and I’ve definitely seen stocks from the CMP come with the disks, or at least holes from the disks.
  10. What a great look with the cartridge belt! How cool!
  11. Great photos guys, thank you! Keep me coming!
  12. I love this one. Lots of tanker jackets and musette bags, and a colorized to boot! Thank you!
  13. I’m not sure if this is the right sub forum, but I’m interested in photos of infantry (preferably armored) wearing tanker jackets in WWII!
  14. I just did an event last month where we had the opportunity to ride in an M4A3 Sherman or an M24. I chose the Sherman and I’m glad I did. The size and iconicness is hard to beat. Plus a standard transmission gives an entirely different drive feel. We had a green driver which was an experience in itself!
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