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  1. Thank you for sharing this item, very interesting. What's interesting in my opinion is that they don't have a buckle back to adjust the wait
  2. Hello, thank you for your replies. Indeed could be a SM wholesale. I was just wondering about the stamping thanks Max
  3. Found it : 328th Bomb squadron Max
  4. Hello, would you know which unit this squadron patch pertains to please ? thank you, Best, Max
  5. Hi, could be this guy : Record: Earl C. Colburn – 32034331. Elisted in Buffalo NY only found one guy on find agrave: Earlie Clinton Colburn Birth 13 Jul 1915 Death 4 Oct 1978 Grave :Mount Ivah Bible Methodist Church Cemetery North Perry, Perry County, Alabama, USA
  6. Hi Pat, I missed your reply. Thank you. Yes, could be an aborted project of painted insignia ! thank you, Best, Max
  7. Hello, I have had this helmet for ages and would like to know if the use of pencil is a common practice. Facts - Shell: - fixed bail - repainted at some point - on the new paint : the 30th ID insignia drawn with pencil and a capital G - under the paint, a NCO bar on the rear - inside the shell, a name : Fred Simon who appears as a staff Sergeant in the HQ Co (117/1st/Hq) - liner: - same insignias, but this time the 30th ID was made using what I believe is a rubber stamp Has anyone ever seen this practice ?
  8. max0073

    Fake A-2

    Hello, thank you for the comment and for editing the messages that were out of context. Well noted for what regards the grouping Vs. sum of part. I will add this information to the ad Max
  9. max0073

    Fake A-2

    Hello, I don't know if I should have said that I bought it from Warpath but I found fair at the time to disclose the whole story. My intention was not to fingerpoint a seller but to give a whole context. I posted this jacket on a marketplace and received some bad reviews. No one in particular that I know of though. However, since my intention is to sell this jacket, I prefer to make sure of its originality and remove it if necessary. Thank you for the other people who kindly responded and reassured me, it is very much appreciated Ma
  10. max0073

    Fake A-2

    Hello, I bought this jacket a while back from Warpath (Ed Hick) but it has been flagged as fake recently. I would like to get your opinion on it as I am trying to sell the grouping to finance another item Thanks, Max
  11. Hello, hopefully yes someone would have more info. It's crazy how nothing you can find. Based on your post I assume they have been on the PTO at some point but I am not even sure of that Thanks Max
  12. Hello, Is there any way to know more about the route of the 467th PFAB. Also, is there any roster available ? thanks, Max
  13. Hi Ran, the blue arch is the marking of the 1st Engineer Special Brigade that landed and operated on Utah Beach, operating Rhino together with the 81st NCB However, I thought that Seabees were not directly under the ESB and should have worn a blue/grey stripe ! Thiw is why I was wondering if the pot had any marking There have been a couple found in France and I would love to find one but I think the offers you have received are fair. Max
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