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  1. Dave, that's a great chart, thank you Max
  2. It was a really nice helmet but saying this is a d-day one is a bit farfetch w/o name. There weren't hospital ships only off the coast of Normandy
  3. Hi James, thanks for following-up on that ! I've already tried that but let me check once again ! Best Max
  4. Hello Ray, this is the one I have spent some time on yesterday, thank you ! There was almost a match but unfortunately only an homonym from another state thanks Max
  5. Hello, thank you ! the tab really looks like this one: Max
  6. Hello, nothing in the 13th airborne roster found online Any idea where I could find the 13th by any chance ? thank you, Best, Max
  7. Hello Hunt, all this is a very logical thought and I must admit that looking into the 82nd roster could have been a waste of time indeed. I have 2 questions here - is the blue or red paratrooper generic patch the same size than regimentals ones ? I don't have any in my collection so I was thinking the size could help to narrow down - do tabs differ between divisions ? I need to take better pictures of this one but it does not look like any of the 101st patches variant from M. Bando website. best, Max
  8. Hi John indeed, I built an excel file crossing the name+surname from this website with the rosters I have. Then if I have a match, I go to the 2nd surname to see but no match so far on the rosters from 82nd (complete ?) and 17th. thanks, Max
  9. Not found in the 82nd : http://marketgarden1944-2014.pre-jump.nl/82-airborne-men.html Max
  10. Hello Allan thank you for yoyur reply. Much appreciated. As I am not a patch guy, all had patches of similar size ? I did not find a match into the 507th, 511t & 513th but I don't have the rosters for the others. Do you know where I could find them online by any chance ? thanks, Best, Max
  11. Gentlemen, I recently added this jacket to my collection. The airborne tab was in one pocket and there is the trace of a round chest patch as well as a laundry # H-3890 I wonder if someone would help me in identifying the soldier by looking in the regiment that had a round chest patch. I could provide the size of the patch if that could be of any help. I've looked into the roster I have Thanks in advance, Best, Max
  12. British paratroopers had look-alike but different helmets. Max
  13. Hello, I think I have a pair of trousers with the similar camo pattern. At first I thought it was kind of washed but it also uses some more traditional pattern for button flaps Max
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