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  1. My dad was on submarines in the 1960s, and he said they would file down large lug nuts with a diamond file to make rings like this. Not sure if this is the same, but it would be a good way to pass the time. He still wears his every day!
  2. Thanks! For $5, I couldn't pass it up, should be able to sell the insignia for that! I guess I was duped by the patches... After a second look this is definitely an early WW2 HBT...
  3. Another question, has anyone tried to clean one of these? It's stained up, but I'm sure they'll come out, and it smells god-awful to be honest... I'd like to stick it in the washer, think it'll survive?
  4. Found this at my local flea market for only $5, had to pick it up, especially with how nicely patched it is. Any thoughts on era or value? I don't collect much beyond WW2...
  5. This one came to me through my Uncle, who's always looking for militaria for me. Unfortunately, the tag is torn out, so I don't know when this is from, any thoughts on this?
  6. The wear almost seems fabricated to me. I'm not the biggest fan of this one, but lets see what others have to say.
  7. I have a hard time getting jazzed up over Navy stuff unless it's from a submarine, but that is cool! Congrats on the great find!
  8. Wow! Digging this one up 7 years later! Anyone have anything to add?
  9. The bails are what hold the chinstraps to the steel pot. Earlier helmets were fixed bail, a small piece of metal welded directly to the pot, while the swivel bail were later war and post war, and consist of a flat piece of metal welded to the pot with a swiveling chinstrap bail. Check this site here: http://www.jmurrayinc1944.com/parts-restoration-supplies/webbing-hardware/ for reproductions as an example.
  10. Fantastic grouping, I hope we will all see it again someday! I'll bet it sold off-ebay or is going to an auction house.
  11. Excellent! Thank you so much. I was going to ask $25 for the BDUs, so it looks like this was a fair trade overall. I'll let the owner of the shop know as well.
  12. Hey all, I'm just getting back into buying/selling/trading again after finishing grad school. This is my first trade, and, like a fool, I did it without knowing anything about what I was getting. I traded with a guy in town who has an antique shop who has historically been honest and truthful, so I have no reason to believe he screwed me. I traded 5 patched, named Seabee BDUs for these EGAs. Honestly, I just wanted them out of the house, so I'm glad I got something for them besides $5 a piece. Attached are the pictures with the card as they were given to me. Any advice on these
  13. I've never seen a confirmed WW2 one, even in pictures. I'm sure they were out there somewhere, it would be interesting if someone came up with one.
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