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    Oahu, Hawaii
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    always looking for modern gear (pouches, packs, vests, chest rigs, LBV's, ect) made by the following and I am not interested in anything ACU / UCP

    London Bridge Trading Co (LBT)

    Special Operations Equipment (SOE)

    Eagle Industries (EI)

    Allied Industries,

    Blackhawk Industries (BHI)

    Tactical Tailor,

    Crye Precision (CP)

    Mystery Ranch,

    American Body Armor (ABA)

    Tactical Assault Gear (TAG)

    Paraclete, pre MSA smoke green, multicam and woodland only

    as for helmets I am mostly looking for MSA TC-2001 and MSA TC-2002

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  1. Thank you, that actually makes sense especially for the time. Kind of like the WW1 french helmets.
  2. I didn't know that, do you know if they were all the same? No officer version?
  3. Thanks, there are some pretty interesting helmets from out here during the war. The air raid warden helmets and naval supply center pearl harbor helmets are really a hawaii thing. I've never encountered them on the mainland unless in a collection. I have had a number of the air raid warden helmets before, they almost always are early 1917A1's. I actually had a 1917A1 from the 1920's once. I think the liner was dated 1925 or 26? The really early one's like that are strange. The one i owned had an enlisted man's cap badge on it under the paint and they have a thicker leather for the liner. They
  4. This was most likely a marine M1917A1 before the war because of the lighter green exterior paint and the riveted chin strap. These were issued out locally on Oahu to civilians just after the attack on pearl harbor to air raid wardens. The picture is from the book "Hawaii Gos to War" and was taken in 1943 during a training. The gas masks were issued to civilians as well as air raid wardens. The period picture is from the same book.
  5. First off is the only fixed bail naval supply center Pearl Harbor M1 I know of. These pop up here from time to time however they tend to be (to my knowledge and from the ones I've seen) late war swivel bail helmets, mostly RS. The ID bracket came with it however I do not know for certain this was her helmet although I believe she worked in supply so it would be a heck of a coincidence that they ended up together especially as these did not come from a militaria dealer.
  6. There are tons of 1917A1's out here but most are in absolutely horrible condition. I turned one down this weekend because it was more rust then helmet 😅. That's a beautiful helmet for Oahu. Nice find!
  7. eBay always sides with the buyer regardless of the sellers return policy. I don't offer returns unless I made an error which is extremely rare however eBay has forced me to take returns that where basically on the buyer (changed mind or something) weeks after the sale. The only time eBay didn't force me to take a return was when a buyer tried to return an item 6 months after the sale. So there is a limit haha.
  8. Was doing some research on him and found this. Unfortunately I haven't found much else other than he enlisted from here in Oahu in 43 and looks like he was B Co 100th battalion the whole time.
  9. Thank you, I was having trouble figuring that one out. Probably would have helped if I wasn't looking in the completely wrong direction haha.
  10. Picked up most of the rest of the Grouping, still waiting on a good conduct medal and ribbon a German cap eagle and possibly a couple of other odds and ends but this is the best of it. The star patch looks Italian to me but I'm not sure.
  11. Sure, sorry about the flash, it's pretty dark in here.
  12. Not anymore, unfortunately he sold one of the Italian made DI's and two of the German made ones. As well as some medals. one of the DI's was thrown on the overseas cap when I got the grouping however it wasn't straight or in the right location so I seriously doubt the vet put it on there. The other DI as well as the badges, ribbons and scroll and some other things I haven't gotten yet like an unnamed bronze star and a unnamed Good conduct medal were in a jumble in the lid of the bronze star box. The German made DI was in the pocket of the Ike jacket.
  13. From the grouping I picked up today. I know I have seen one posted up before but I couldn't find the post when I looked. As I remember these were Italian made however patches are not my strong suit so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. Thanks, I like it a lot as well and I hope I can work a deal and get it as well. I was looking for a empty trunk to put these and hopefully the rest of the Grouping in as well and I remembered I got a Footlocker from a KIA'ed soldier from 442nd a couple of years ago and dug it out. He was in F co of 100th but the locker was from B co. It's like it was meant to be. Wonder if they ever met each other?
  15. Thanks, I'm extremely happy with this grouping, a 442nd Ike was one of the things on my bucket list of stuff to find before I leave Hawaii because I don't think I will just be able to run across one on the mainland. I'm probably leaving in September so I was getting close to the wire haha. I'm still working a deal for the paper / photo portion of the Grouping so I don't want to post the name until that's worked out. That being said I don't see the harm in posting up a picture I took of a photograph of the vet wearing this jacket. You can see the plastic covered PUC and the green boarder 34th I
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