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  1. I read somewhere about the red painted band, but the first for me seeing one. Very interesting and congrats on a fine 1903..
  2. Boy, not a bad price at all if it's in good shape! I would jump on that!
  3. These 30-40 Springfield Krag–Jørgensen rifles are fun to shoot but the do kick like a mule!! LOL Just leave it like it is an have fun shooting it. Like Doctorofwar was saying it would very hard to find an original stock for these.
  4. Nice little find today at a local Antique store. The canteen & cup dated 1917. Web gear 1942.
  5. OP, very nice 1911 I like it! Nice piece of history there. Mine is a 1916 US Government Model. Still waiting for my Colt letter?
  6. This caught my eye at our local swap meet a while back. MP markings to the 336. Looks like a late WWII liner with post war MP markings? Any thoughts on this one? .
  7. It truly did not even cross my mind about it. Oh well!
  8. All I have to say is Wow!! About as mint as you will ever see in today's market! 👍
  9. Thanks for all the positive comments. The liner is in real decent condition, I had it off once but don't like to mess with these early liners. The wear on the top of the liner matches up with the wear inside top of the lid.
  10. Early M1 FB w/Hawley liner. Right time right place!! Took a while but I made room in the display case.
  11. Nice find. Looks like a FB lid. How is the liner chinstrap?
  12. If it's an original S & W Victory with 4" barrel that would be my choice.
  13. The Marines were armed with all three rifles as far as I know. MI Garand, 1903A3, M1 Carbines. And of course the 1911A1 acp. M14 308 cal. came in service sometime after the Korean War. In the early 1960's I trained with the M14 then we switched over to the M16 which was (Early M16) was a POS..
  14. Here are a few pics of my Inland. Barrel date 8-42
  15. Never seen that stamping before? I was hoping the thread would take off, it will be interesting to see who has what. Nice bunch of great looking M1 Carbines posted. I will post more pics of my Inland later on this evening.
  16. Collector, Dirt Detective nice looking M1 Carbines. 11304 beats me by a mile!! Excellent! I know there are more out there! Lets see them!
  17. I really would like to see early M1 Carbines. I see a lot of late War but early war seems to be rarer. IMO. If I get no participation in this thread then I will make a change. Maybe a good idea, lets see what happen for now. I know there are M1 Carbine collectors on this forum!
  18. Let see who has the earliest M1 Carbines. I'll start the thread off with my 1942 Inland and see what happens. Yes, the peep site is off, the original owner that I bought it from back in the day switched it out with this later adjustable site. I do have the original peep site that he gave me put away somewhere. 48180 Spag
  19. Very nice condition. Do you have anything to Holster? LOL
  20. I found everything you see here at our local swap meet this morning. I personally have not seen these before but that said, does not mean they are common or rare I just don't know. I got the whole box for under $60.00.. The headstamp on the casings date FA 35, bullet maybe the same time period? The M1 Carbine 15 rd mag is in super condition and is stamped U for Underwood. Let me know what you guys think of all this. 300 Bullets, 13 box of casings and 15 rd Magizine. All boxes are full. Thanks, Sal
  21. Did Rock-Ola produce all the stocks for the WWII Saginaw Carbine? Would have Rock-Ola stamped the Saginaw stock SG or RMC did any get by with just RMC? Did any get by with the RMC stamped inside the slingwell only?
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