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  1. I was in touch with the owner and he has agreed to refund my money. He was unsure about this weapon himself now. Thanks for all your help and input. Sal
  2. Yep, 1903 front sights, sending this back to the seller. It's a local purchase. Never had a Krag in hand or a 1903 so I got fooled somewhat.
  3. Here are the pics. I still have a coup;e of days to get my $$$ back! So, please let me know if this has been messed with!! Looks like total length about 43.5" from end of butt plate to front end of the barrel? Thanks, Sal
  4. No sight cover.? Did they have sight covers for the Krag's? My sight is right on.
  5. M1898 I was told would be the correct cut off lever.
  6. I was told I need the M1898 cut off.
  7. I saw this video. But nothing on installing the mag cut off but looks to be a easy fix.
  8. A few pics. No Sun out today so the pics are not the best.
  9. I'm missing the Mag cut off lever, but is there anything else broken here? Never owned one before so I'm not sure. Looks rather easy to install, I have one M1898 cut off on order to put on. The rifle is in very nice original condition just don't know why this lever is missing? I need to make a decision to buy or not by 12:00 PM today. Thanks
  10. Ronald, just super!! Congrats, Sal
  11. July 43, if I have time tomorrow I post up some photos if you are OK with it.
  12. My SC is one month earlier than yours. Mine is dated 7-43..
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