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  1. Kim, after some more thorough cleaning what looked like an H was actually grime. Here is the picture what mine looks like. On a commercial early 1911 should be stamped with a P only.
  2. Good eye Kim, I was not looking there for the stamping. I field stripped my 1911 and then cleaned the Barrel real good with a bore cleaner and then wiped it down with oil. There was the P and H., hard to see but there. Thanks again Kim!
  3. Nice rig, no worries about the cylinder not locking up tight. Beautiful condition.
  4. LOL, ruff day. I meant barrel. That's funny!!!
  5. Can anyone help me out with identifying this bolt? Not sure if it is correct for a 1916 colt 1911 ( Government model)? The bolt is UN-marked. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Yep, they were produced under Nazi supervision in occupy Poland. Pretty much with what some called forced labor.
  7. Robin, it's a crap shoot you never know when something nice going to pop up.
  8. Yep, up North Prescott. The carbine came out of a local estate along with the 1943 Garand.
  9. Most of these were all picked up at out local swap meets here in AZ. My baby is the Saginaw Carbine as original as one can find today. Sal
  10. Ok, thanks for the info.
  11. Has anyone seen these markings before on a WWII M1 Carbine stock? Funny looking letter U and numbers 5 & 3 stamped on the bottom handgrip? The guy claims it's a re-Arsenal by Underwood? Looks like a horseshoe stamp?
  12. REPO! No comments needed.
  13. Never mind guy's, I found out that this one is a repo! Nice but repo!!
  14. Wow, no opinions on this P41?
  15. Wow, no comments at all? Is this the wrong forum to address my question? Sal
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