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  1. That's really unfortunate, maybe someone will spot it at a show who know's.
  2. Nice! I really like your 1960 Police Positive Special. That's next on my list.
  3. Very interesting piece's of History. Can take some closeup pics? I would like a good look at all three. Thanks.
  4. Nice find! I bet every time you pick this one up it puts a smile on your face!! LOL
  5. Nice original M2 Carbine mags. These are getting harder to find.
  6. My best guess would be a ships station number? Personally I have not seen a rack number engraved into a backstrap but I could be wrong? Maybe someone who knows will chime in soon. I'm also interested in finding out about those numbers.
  7. Harold Werner date of induction 26 Sep 41. Unit 317th Infantry Regiment twice wounded in action 11/05/1944 and 03/07/45. Posted is a picture of him being dragged of the Beach in Normandy from total exhaustion. Harold Werner Son Richard is a very good friend of mine, Harold's Daughter Cindy posted this on facebook. Both Cindy an Richard stated he was wounded on the beach but does not state this on his papers, so I just don't know for sure. But I thought this would be of interest to us here on the forum to see this photo of Cindy an Richards Father being helped off the Beach on Normandy. I th
  8. Are there any stamping's on the top edge of your flag like these or close to these?
  9. That is one nice find! Those DAK Bino's are super, worth some $$$. Everything looks good in your pics. That battle Flag shows a lot of character! I really like it. Good job!
  10. I'm replacing this barrel with a period correct late WW2 1945 SA barrel dating 2/45 which I found that is in very good condition. My local Gunsmith checked the barrel and it's good to go. The barrel is about 2 1/2 Months off from my M1 Garand's serial number. I feel fortunate to find a very good WW2 barrel that is straight with a good clean bore and TE-3 ME-3. My Gun Smith will have it back in about three weeks.
  11. That's one nice looking Holster!
  12. This is what I'm talking about, the Textan Holster worn on the right hip, butt facing the rear using your right hand to draw. Worn on the left hip butt forward still using the right hand to draw.. The early 1917 Colt or S & W Holster just the opposite right hip butt forward, left hip butt rear using a left hand to draw.
  13. Were the Holster's all left hand draw or did the have a mix of left hand an right draw holsters?
  14. My WWII Victory revolver lend leased to the Britt's in 1945 with a 5" barrel fits in the Holster nicely. My 1917 Colt is just a hair tight but will fit inside. When I purchased the Holster at our local swapmeet my first thought was a repo but when I had it in hand I realized it was a good Holster.
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