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    78th infantry division
  1. Thanks for posting these pics,very nice.Never seen so many USMC can together
  2. Have 2 US army WWII dated raincoats. one has a vent flap on the back,the other doesnt!!Thought all the raincoats had the same design? Stijn
  3. Does anybody knows what the 7 stars mean?Cant find this info... Thanks, Stijn
  4. She looks great Robin.You will have lots of fun driving her. Have a nov 1942 WC-51,drives,but in need of restauration.A 6X6 drives much better than the 4X4(personal tought) Keep up the good work,and great that Your wife helps you out. All the best, Stijn
  5. Mine are in my attic,on my vehicles+trailers. Robin,are those all USMC cans?in the trailer and on the shelf(on the bottem) Ken,that's a rare can You got there.The cap is an experimental one,and not often found. Still need to learn how to place pictures here :-( Stijn
  6. That is a fantastic set!Glad to see that it is still in the family. Stijn
  7. Found one USN can right here in the village I live in.An other one is Mons for tanks in town,and a couple more on the markets here,to my surprise. 80% found here in the area is that damn BMB dated 1944,some W&W or RTMP.Most of the US cans are post war,sold for the price of a WWII one. The German cans are to expensive here,so I buy most of them in Germany on antique markets. Thanks for the article Ken!!I also had the full tour in Your house a couple of years ago when I was there with Lloyd and Glen for that mini tour of the 90th division.We slept in the field next to Your house!! Stijn
  8. Its easy to find the British cans,same for Germans.But the early Americans are very hard and expensive.The US Navy cans are found often.
  9. Great to read that!!!No idea about the red one either.The Frenchman Philippe Leger has some fantastic books on Jerrycans. This is his first book,about German,British and American cans: http://www.amazon.com/Jerrycan-Years-Still-French-Edition/dp/2840482444 This is his second book,just about the German can,its just a fantastic book: http://www.amazon.in/Wehrmacht-Kanister-20-Liter-Invention/dp/2840483556 Pics will follow... Stijn
  10. That is one fantastic 1st army patch.Great to see how many variations there are from it!! Stijn
  11. Any one collecting WWII jerrycans on this forum? I've got 96 of them now,most of them are British and American.And all of them are different manufacturers. Will post some pictures later. Stijn
  12. Hi, For an upcoming event at the US WWI cemetery in Belgium,we are asked to act as WWI doughboys and color guard. Now which items would be carried by the riflemen and the flag bearers?and where to place it? For the riflemen:M-1910 10 pocket belt,M-1910 canteen and first aid kit,bajonet. The first aid kit on the front rightside,canteen on the back,rightside,and the bajonet on the back,leftside. For the flag bearers:M-1910 pistol belt,M-1910 first aid kit and canteen first aid kit on the front rightside,not sure on the canteen???left or right? Have one picture of the 78th colo
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