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  1. Thank you for this first approach. I agree with you.
  2. With a little delay, thank you very much for your interesting answers!
  3. Super, thanks for your answers! Can you date them please?
  4. Hello, I need help to identify them please: Cordialy, Jérôme
  5. Hello, can you help me to identify this SSI please: Thanks in advance
  6. I identify the first. It's a JROTC award. It's the third on the second line. What is "LET"?
  7. Thanks OldMarine, So it's a Vietnamese award, not american? Jérôme
  8. Old Marine, Jevelin4life, Thank you for your answers So this batch isn't only US. Jérôme
  9. Hello, Thank you for your answer! These medals are for which corps? Army, USMC, Air Force...? Jérôme
  10. Hello, the last picture! Thanks in advance for your help. Cordialy, Jérôme
  11. Hello, the following: The firstand the third ribbons are dirty and the eighth is probably a french award, the counterpart of the Purple Heart name Médaille des Blessés ("Injured Medal"?), and it was probably given to US soldiers during the 1st and 2nd World War. Cordialy, Jérôme
  12. Hello, Always the same batch, another photo with other ribbons to identify: It is possible the fouth ribbon is French (Médaille de Verdun/Verdun Medal), but I'm not sure because I think it's an americain production and most ribbons of this lot are US. Cordialy, Jérôme
  13. Hello all, I bought a lot of ribbon last week and I can't identify them all. I need your help. I think the third have a link with Civil Air Patrol but I don't find an evidence. Thanks in advance! Cordialy, Jérôme
  14. Thanks for your help! If you are interresting, send me a PM, it's not my collection's theme. Regards
  15. Hello, Here is a model worn in France by the units of the 2nd French Armored Division (General Leclerc). This is not the tissue but a sticker ... Jerôme
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