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  1. Marking on the frame is MFR 31550 and 80063 - A3050631-1
  2. Hello, can you help me with info about this radio carrier? Many thanks.
  3. I have known about Bill´s book for more than 2 years. I am going to ask Bill for a copy for me.
  4. I pray for you, Gary. I wish you quick recovery. Best wishes from Czech, Pavel
  5. USMC Fighting knife was adopted on November 23, 1942. First producer was Union Cutlery aka Ka-Bar. Navy adopted this knife on April 13, 1943 as USN Mark 2.
  6. The scabbard is repro, This marking didn´t exist in WWII. The knife is correct double pin pommel.
  7. I have OD adapter in my collection. I paid $2 for NOS here in the Czech republic. Best wishes in 2016 guys! May your collection is still growing
  8. Frank, thanks a lot for your answer.
  9. The helmet is US M1917A1 and the webbing is also US M1936.
  10. Can anybody help me indentify this knife? Unfortunately the quality is not good and I am not sure what are the lines of guard and handle and what are shadows. :-( I have found this photo on the internet and I don´t know any additional info about it. Thanks, Pavel
  11. Thanks guys! I have in my collection Boyt made one that is a little bit different.
  12. Gary, thanks for information. At first I thought that the owner used the swastika as a symbol of luck as it use in India and SE Asia. I didn´t know that this symbol was also used by Native Americans.
  13. My friend sent me this photo of M1941 haversack. There is no stamp inside. Is it original or repro? Thanks for help.
  14. I bought this Ka-Bar. It is marked Ka-Bar on the left ricasso with no USMC or USN mark on the right ricasso. The scabbard is personalized and on the back is the ink stamp with name Russell Myers. Can you help me to find out info about the owner? Thanks a lot.
  15. Thanks for info guys! I need a lot of things for my collection :-(
  16. You don´t need to post photo just send one cover to me :-)
  17. Hey guys, can you tell me what equipment was made for USMC in 1950´s? I have seen only M1 rifle (Garand) belt and canteen cover. Is there anything else? Thanks for any information.
  18. They switched marking from blade to guard in 1944 but I don´t know the month.
  19. Green painted buckles were in early 50´s. Later were painted black.
  20. Thanks, Charlie. Your plated 6" is really beautiful. I have in my collection 5" plated Camillus marked on the pommel 2-1972.
  21. Here is my blade marked Camillus.
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