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  1. It's a good show to meet local Iowa collectors.
  2. Patch

    Can You ID

    Do you have any idea when this round patch was used?
  3. Patch

    Can You ID

    Thanks That looks like what I am looking for.
  4. I've had this patch for a long time and have not been able to ID. It is 3x3 inches and emb on twill.
  5. I have 4 DI's I can not ID. Can anyone help me find out what units they are for?
  6. WOW those are beautiful chevrons.
  7. Neet group of stuff and a jumper with a Chemical Warfare rate that I had never seen before.
  8. Yes I have look at Berry Stein's Book and Geoffrey Barker's books on Special Operations & Airborne patch an could not find anything close. I think are newer because they have plastic backs.
  9. I have these four patches and I can not find an ID any where for them. Can anyone ID them?
  10. Hi Does any one know what the letters on this cavalry badge stand for? It is a sew on and is silver not gold and has no hallmark. Thanks Ron
  11. Well guys I thought the 3rd patch would be the one ID'd 1st. Thanks again for all the help. patch
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