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  1. Flyboy, Many thanks for your input. I was assuming it would have been a commercial/civilian item. Here's an image I found on that auction site of one in its original box. Unfortunately there are no labels showing to add any more information. Thanks again and best regards, Jim
  2. Can anyone offer any info on this Air Force lapel pin - purpose, issuing organization, etc? As always any help is greatly appreciated. Jim
  3. I have a copy of the 1942 Camp Polk "yearbook" for the 33rd AR that has a couple of images of Stuarts on maneuvers in Louisiana that I could scan if it would be of any benefit. It also has photos of the officers and men in B company at that time. Regards, Jim
  4. "Hancock the Superb" Winfield Scott Hancock so named for his command of the battlefield on the first day at Gettysburg.
  5. You've done a very nice job on your collection. I wore one of the metal 3 stripe insignia on my Ridgeway fatigue cap "back in the day". You could add another row to the top three on the left. When I was in the AF the ranks were Airman 3rd Class (E-2), Airman 2nd Class (E-3), and Airman 1st Class (E-4). Also, A1c (E-4) was considered to be an NCO. Happy New Year! Jim
  6. This is a type of load binder for a WWII vintage USAAF fllight line trailer Type K-1. There are four of these, one on each corner of the frame. Anyone have any reference to these type of parts - nomenclature, part number, manufacturer? Any idea where I might find four of these? As always, any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated. Jim
  7. I was a 20 year old E-3 on the ramp at Kelly AFB when I heard the news. The previous day a couple of us walked down the ramp to base ops to see JFK and Jacqueline as they arrived in Air Force One for an event in San Antonio prior to the trip to Dallas. I still remember who told me the news and what my response was. Jim
  8. I agree. Very moving. Many thanks for posting this. Jim
  9. Have you tried the MVPA archives? http://www.mvpa.org/resources/mvpa-archive-blueprints/ Regards, Jim
  10. Gus, Super job. If you haven't already, you might contact the Pioneer Flight Museum in Kingsbury, Texas. They have several Model T trucks in their collection that they run around the flight line during their fly-ins. Since they do their own maintenance/restoration I suspect they would be a good source for technicla information. Here's the link: Pioneer Flight Museum Regards, Jim
  11. I suspect it would be fairly easy to find a frame and a Husky engine here in the states. Shipping to the UK would be another matter however. Go online to the Cushman Club of America and the Texas Cushman Club websites. Both have links to various dealers in scooters and parts. Below is a link that might be of help as well. Best of luck with your project. Jim http://www.hobbytech.com/DealersPage/cushman_dealers.htm
  12. Another option might be to locate a chassis off of a Cushman 53A (civilian airborne) or one of the civilian Model 30 or 50 series as a starting point and make the appropriate changes. The military M53 was a modification of the commercial models Cushman was building at the time, including the engine. Just a thought. Jim
  13. You might try the CCOA. Lots of knowlege in that group. Cushman Club of America Regards, Jim
  14. I see now what the hitch looks like. It appears to be a Wallace Forge type. I have a similar one for my AC tractor. The pintle hitch for my K-1 is only a four bolt mount type with out the hole for the spring and swivel. I haven't found any photos of it but I assume by the hole mounting pattern it is of the jeep type. Thanks for posting the add'l images. Jim
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