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  1. I got mine from the 357 FS over a year ago. It was originally designed by a pilot at Moody. Its become quite common by other A-10 units. But not all
  2. Jaguars is the 122 Fighter Sq F-15Ks ROKAF. The middle I believe is Korean as well just can't confirm it right now
  3. I have the same patch and have been told its the 28 Bomb Wing. Thanks for clearing that up
  4. That would be my guess as well
  5. This might be to simple, but has any one thought about emailing him and and asking him? Instead of all this speculation?
  6. Some times you win sometimes you lose Way to go
  7. The patch is a Russian Bear in an F-5 Gun site. Hence that aircraft they flew
  8. http://www.usafupt.com/id143.htm Some verification for Randy Take it for what its worth
  9. I wonder who has the other 29?
  10. I don't know what's worse having them at a remote site or not having them. I was at Shemya of the 400 people that where there 40 where woman 10 true blue to there husbands 10 already had boy friends on the island 10 ugly as all can be till they started looking good in your 6th or 7th month then you knew it was time to take leave. and the other 10 you had to fight over it just wasn't worth it to me. I just think they where there to remind you what they looked like when you got out of there.
  11. Sorry about this its "Hide with Pride"
  12. A friend has asked me about this patch. Has any one ever seen this motto or patch? Every time I goggle it I get all sorts of Gay BS. I really hope this isn't a joke.
  13. Goggle the motto as I cant read it to well It might help
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