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  1. 6/43 15,980 produced by Craighead @ $1.14/ea. for S&W Victory 2", 4" and 6" barrels. This one does look as though it's been cut down for a 2" using a later type rivet.
  2. Definitely worth $75 for a Colt Archives letter which will indicate where it was shipped.
  3. Excellent example! Thanks for sharing it with us.
  4. "PROPERTY OF U.S. NAVY" on left frame filled with red paint is correct according to p.147 of "U.S. Handguns of World War II" by Charles W. Pate.
  5. Well, I'm a little slow today! Ronald has supplied a pic of the type of pin punch that would indicate a military inspection. If you find this type of mark on the Det. Spcl. in question, it would most certainly warrant a Colt archives Letter.
  6. That punch mark looks very promising! Certainly worth a letter. www.colt.com/colt-archive Unless you request and pay for expedited service, it's going to take 3-4 months to receive the letter. Please report back when you get it.
  7. Look very closely for any pin-punch marks, perhaps under the barrel, the crane, under the stocks which would indicate government acceptance however, the only way you're going to determine its original destination is via a Colt Archives letter.
  8. On the backs of certain holsters like the M1916 and the hip holster for .38 Victory and Commando revolvers, there are belt slots. These holsters usually came with the wire hangers for web belts but were the belt slots ever used with garrison, Sam Browne or other leather belts? If so, anyone got pics or references? TIA!
  9. Thanks to all for the input. FWIW, there is no trace of there ever being a hook installed. That, plus the darker color and I get the impression that it was specifically fashioned for an officer's rig. Make sense to anyone? Oh, yeah, Ronnie...appreciate the offer but this one's a keeper. If I decide to add the brass wire, it should be no problem. I'm a retired jeweler.
  10. Col. Stoll would've served under the command of then Capt. John D. Bulkeley of PT Boat fame (Received the CMOH for taking MacArthur and family off Corregidor, signed up a young Lt. by the name of Kennedy for command of PT109). I arrived at Clarksville Base in May of '63 after Col. Stoll had left. Bulkeley received promotion to Rear Admiral in August of '63. President Kennedy was assassinated 22 Nov. and a few weeks later, ADM Bulkeley left to take command of Guantanemo. The rest is history.
  11. Just acquired a very nice Craighead 1943 Hip Holster in excellent condition...except for one glaring abnormality: No wire for web belt. Looking closely, it appears that there never was one installed. Looking for input from learned contributors here. Was this an oversight or intentional? Could still be used on a Sam Brown or similar belt.
  12. Can anyone recommend a source for information on a specific serial number as to where it might've gone? I've got Canfield's excellent book on combat shotguns but the information is general in mature.
  13. Received information from John Stimson: "974XXX shipped as a catalog number 9271 with key serial number 973,215 on 7/30/1959 to account number 9872 on a Government Export order." Where it went and how it was used is anyone's guess. I, erroneously, assumed that it has a Parkerized finish. Stimson has convinced me that it is original and blued. The matted/dull appearance is due to the fact that the factory used an abrasive blast on these particular pistols prior to blueing.
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