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  1. I gotten many, many quotes from 'Nam vets that they used the M56 universal pouches and used something in the bottom to raise the M16 mags up. I do think it was something that was quite common until later on when the smaller M16 pouches made it over, in both cotton and nylon.
  2. Never was thanked the few times I did reenact as I never traveled in the uniform, but even to this day it feels kind of awkward when someone thanks me for my service when I am in my real uniform. I even had one nice lady once pay for my meal once and that was real awkward feeling. I don't know why, maybe it's because I've never taken handouts for anything and it's become part of me. The worst is when some really old stoop shouldered old gentleman comes up and thanks me and I can tell by his bearing and demeanor that he served. At that point I usually say something along the lines of "Sir, it's
  3. The US is not a signatory to the Hague, but does generally abide by it. That being said I do believe that the USMC has recently gotten permission to use a 62 grain HP style round for use in Afghanistan.
  4. I'm not disagreeing with you at all Hawk. If and when it becomes official the change over will be agonizingly slow. On the positive side, the Army has now at least, in a round about way, admitted that the UCP is a failure for what they claimed for years it was designed for. Even if they made the MC army wide tomorrow, I'm sure the issued gear would reamain UCP for a very, very long time.
  5. I here what your saying. However, the UCP has generated some of the most growing amount of critisizm of any issue US uniform. It started not long after issue in '05 and the brass did what brass does when the lowly fighters have a ligit gripe, they ignored us. It has grown much more vocal now and even has some attention beyond DA. The change will come, but won't be fast.
  6. Someone needs slapped over this UCP screw up. Guess I'll put away my first pattern ACUs that I wore in 05, and guard the later styles in case my kids ever need something to sell for college funds :thumbsup: Sad to think that I will probably be retired before the MC finally becomes the only issued combat uniform.
  7. Just noticed that myself. Maybe a members only area.
  8. A few years back I was studying some photos of GIs in their dress uniforms and while most wore plain looking low quarters, but I did see at least 5 enlisted wearing very obviously non-standard shoes. One pair had a buckle on the side, and one pair looked similar to loafers, the others were cap toed and "wing tip" styles. The laces on the first pair look like some originals I've seen.
  9. Went to Parris Island in the late 80s and the boot camp portion was pretty close to what I experieinced.
  10. There is a big difference between oil cloth and enameled cloth. Both date back to antiquity, but are 2 different beast. Civil War US packs and bags where USUALLY made with enameled cloth. I mixed 50/50 black latex paint with boiled linseed oil, years ago and it turned out perfect for matching the paint the used on some originals I studied. It was a booger getting completely mixed and took some time to dry. Once dry it was tough and very pliable.
  11. Pretty informative site here-> http://www.inert-ord.net/usa03a/usa2/index.html
  12. Was the original material an enamaled cloth or a true oiled type cloth? Both are rather easily made.
  13. I'll 3rd the ton statement. Wait until you get the two sustainment pouches for the sides.
  14. Plentiful?? I don't think I've ever seen one for sale, at least not that I recall.
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