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  1. Reed

    Garrison Cap

    Ok, thx for your opinions! gael
  2. Reed

    Garrison Cap

  3. Reed

    Garrison Cap

    Hello, the cap is from WWII or post war? thx
  4. These are original. from http://www.usm1helmet.net
  5. Hello The leather chinstrap, isn 't original....... Reed
  6. Hi Used during the WWII? Is this a civil or military contract? Thx Gael
  7. Hi The stitchings are not good for a 1st pattern. This is an ATF production. And, the colours is different. The stitchings a original 1st pattern
  8. Reed

    Jeep Cap m1941

    Hi Thank's for your informations. The jeep cap back to the Seller Reed
  9. Reed

    Jeep Cap m1941

    ok thanks :thumbsup:
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