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    District of Columbia Militia and National Guard.
    Army Counterintelligence Corps (CIC).
  1. Excellent. The cannon appears able to be fired. I had a similar brass cannon many years ago. It was stolen from my desk at the DC National Guard Armory. We knew who stole it (a kleptomaniac Colonel) but we couldn't prove it. It was never recovered.
  2. I wonder if the soldier ever got the medals represented by his ribbons - most did not. He would likely have had a couple more, such as the WW2 Victory Medal and perhaps the Occupation Medal.
  3. Really interesting coat. By any chance was the Major’s name on a label in an inside pocket?
  4. A couple of recent additions to my collection. -1899 District of Columbia Public High Schools Cadet Corps 100% Duty medal. The DC Cadet Corps included the Corcoran Cadets, National Fencibles, and the High School Cadets. Each of these units was or became an element of the DC National Guard.Their lineage continues to modern time. - Screw-back cap insignia for 1st DC Artillery. My records show the 1st Battery, Field Artillery, DCNG was organized June 1906. - A brass watch fob souvenir of the Army Gettysburg Maneuvers of July 1910. Many units participating in the maneuvers took home similar f
  5. I once owned a similar New York 35-year medal in gold on a neck ribbon. It was heavy. Traded it for the two 19th Century DC National Guard medals shown in my recent post to this thread. Wish I still had the NY medal but was most pleased with the trade.
  6. Here are several rare medals I own. In order: DC National Guard Distinguished Service Medal in Gold. DC Long and Faithful Service Medal in Gold and Sterling. DC National Rifles - 19th Century - Ten Year and Five Year service - both in gold. DC - 29th MP Company Honor medal - L.G. Balfour, Co. - Sterling. Presented to Corporal Aubrey F. Howell February 1934, for 100 consecutive drills. And a pair of original Capitol Dome screw-back 29th MP DUI. DC Public High Schools Cadet Corps 100% Duty medal - 1899. The DC Cadet Corps included the Corcoran Cadets, National Fencibles, and the High Schoo
  7. Recently acquired this 1898 Camp Alger Souvenir medal. Camp Alger existed in the summer of 1898 in Falls Church, VA (area known as Merrifield) to train thousands of soldiers for the Spanish-American War. DC National Guard members were there for the first few days of the encampment.
  8. For those of you interested in DCNG - I have a Facebook page 'DC Militia and National Guard', as well as a Pinterest board 'District of Columbia National Guard Medals & other Militaria'. Enjoy.
  9. Replying to Ngrovcam - Hi. I spent nearly 17 years as a member of DCNG. Last command was Troop Command. I know Major Coward. When I was OCS Commandant Major General Schwartz was one of my OCs. My collection of DCNG awards and such is likely the largest and most complete. Email me and I'll send some pictures. smberg@erols.com. By the way, the DCNG Historical Archive has my name on the door.
  10. I am pleased to say that I just acquired a District of Columbia 25-year Long and Faithful Service Medal in mint condition in 10K gold. I did not know it even existed. The Balfour box contained the name of the awardee - I'm acquiring his records.
  11. Sorry for delay in answering - it has been a while since I visited here. If you are in the Northern Virginia area, drop in to the Freeman Store and Museum, on Church Street in Vienna, VA - the model is part of the current exhibit about the Alexandria Loudon and Hampshire RR (later the Washington and Old Dominion) that ran through Vienna from 1855 to 1968. Freeman is open Wednesday through Sunday, noon to 5. The diorama is based on the attached 1864 photo - there's a second photo taken a few minutes later, with five men standing on the porch roof.
  12. Here are three more medals from my collection - the District of Columbia Long and Faithful Service Medal with 25 year clasp, and two 19th Century unit awards from the National Rifles. The Long and Faithful Service Medal is Sterling Silver, the two others are gold.
  13. Here's a diorama I recently finished in HO scale based on an 1864 photo of the Lydecker Store (now Freeman Store and Museum) in Vienna, VA. That picture may be found at http://www.sungazette.net/mclean-greatfalls-vienna-oakton/news/state-grants-historic-status-for-freeman-store-museum/article_b66bdedc-eb7c-11e0-8ec5-001cc4c03286.html. The photographer and wagon are 'free-lanced' - but the sign on the wagon is 'real.' He might have been the photographer who took the picture.
  14. Good morning. As moderator, perhaps you can point me in the right direction. I'm thinking of selling off three pieces, a Mississippi Cross w/dates (1812/1845/1898/1917), Minnesota Distinguished Service Star, and an Arkansas Cross with eagles (distinguished service medal?). All are quite old and, to the best of my knowledge, are gold, not gold-colored metal. I don't have a clue as to their value so any suggestions would be appreciated. I can send jpgs. My home email is smberg@erols.com.

  15. If any of you are have a Facebook account, check out one of my pages - DC Militia and National Guard Mike
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