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    US military photography Civil War through Vietnam. Photos of GI's holding captured war souvenirs. Idd war souvenirs. Idd US equipment, etc.

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  1. Yes. Thank you Mike. That link worked great. Can't wait to read those now. I really appreciate you following up.
  2. Great image! Thanks for sharing him with us. Paul
  3. Scott this is such a crazy rare image on so many levels. Thanks for showing us! Really awesome! Paul
  4. I enjoyed seeing this image as the 144th was involved in the not well known Suffolk Virginia campaign. Many years ago I had a cdv copy of a hard image of a 144th soldier who died from disease. The neat thing was that the image was taken outside in front of a tent flap. I cannot remember the soldier's name anymore and wish I still had the image to show you all.
  5. Wow just Wow Mike. That 12th Corps badge is beautiful. Maybe it's my eyes, but even when I expanded the article on 3rd Winchester, I couldn't easily see the article so if it's not too much trouble, could you email it to me? spyfly03@yahoo.com Have a great Sunday Mike! Paul
  6. Absolutely love that badge Mike. I know the 3rd Battle of Winchester pretty well and did a lot of relic hunting there 25 years ago. That id disc that I dug that I showed you before came from the 6th Corps camps the week before they went into battle at 3rd Winchester. Sad to think that Harrington must have been camped on that same ground where I was. Thanks for sharing. If you ever decide to part with that one, please give me a ring. Paul
  7. Don’t know the values for sure but especially with the ids at least a few hundred each I would think. Neat find! Paul
  8. Great images Scott! I especially love the 12th corps badge. I can almost make out the numbers. What are they? Paul
  9. Hey M24. Thanks for sharing those with us. In the full standing view, you may be able to identify roughly where that image was taken as that backdrop with the flower urn is unusual. It reminds me of some of the Southern photographer backdrops that I have seen. You may want to contact Ron Coddington, who runs Military Image magazine as he may know. He's a great guy too. I don't believe he is on this forum. Paul
  10. Mike...you inscribed badge collection never ceases to amaze! Awesome seeing those pieces still together. What a beautifully done ID badge. Paul
  11. Nice images. Thanks for sharing Brig and Champion. Champion, I don't believe I have ever seen a circular plate with that style of star before. I have seen a square sword belt plate with that style of star that was (I believe) associated with the Maine militia. Thanks for showing that. Paul
  12. Yes mikie! And not to be overly dramatic but the other soldier really appears to have that "thousand yard stare" if you ask me. Thanks for commenting. Paul
  13. This drummer was from that same group I referenced earlier discovered at the house clean out. Sadly he is unidentified but the back mark is Roseberry in Alexandria, Va. Paul
  14. I had a chance to take a few more. Scarcely seen 11th corps badge in wear. A former owner cut the mat so you can see the badge. Only 11th corps badge image I have ever seen for sale. Nice to see him in his flannel issue shirt and braces. Paul
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