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    US military photography Civil War through Vietnam. Photos of GI's holding captured war souvenirs. Idd war souvenirs. Idd US equipment, etc.

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  1. My first thought was aluminum from an aircraft. Paul
  2. I really enjoyed seeing your display! Thanks for sharing it with us. I'm a long time Civil War relic hunter so have lots of "crusty" stuff but never had the luck of digging any complete weapons. Dug some broken sword blades, musket parts and a Springfield lock plate once. Of course lots of bullets, buttons and a few buckles. Paul
  3. Mike.....I have no words. Your collection is awe inspiring! Paul
  4. Another wonderful badge Mike! I would love to see all of your badges and Id discs together. Thanks for showing it with us in the forum. Paul
  5. This was all super helpful TGardner. Thank you! Interesting that the 303rd BG tested some of this stuff as coincidentally I also recently picked up a nice 303rd photo group in trade from another nice forum member. I will be doing some more research on these as I was really unaware that the US was experimenting so much with glide bomb technology before I found these. Paul
  6. Wow. Another super piece! I thought of you today. Did you see the new North South Trader Magazine recently came out? It has a good article on inscribed corps badges. Paul
  7. Wow Bob. Great score. I could of used those back in around 2006 or 2007 when I did a big display at one of the last WW2 reunions of the 78th. I had many friends in that division who would have enjoyed seeing your pieces. What was the name of the vet if I may ask? Paul
  8. Another great disc with a lot of history. Many of that style were pewter I believe. The dug pewter discs usually don't fare so well in the ground conditions so it is awesome so see a non-dug example in such great shape. Thanks as always for sharing. Paul
  9. Been hunting for Civil War relics for years! It is a rewarding hobby. Good luck and great first finds! Paul
  10. Any one have any idea what the spherical thing or the cone is in the background? Remind me of Sputnik...but obviously this is 10 years earlier.
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