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  1. Bob, Thank you. Normally, when someone says cast or special made, I am VERY leery and skeptical of items of this era to say the least. However, this is one of those rare cases where everything falls into place and the superb quality leaves no doubt. It is interesting to note why Mr. Mero had the badge made for him. The French did not issue a Pilot Badge to American fliers who were trained by them, they received only the Brevet document. This was told directly to Maj. Morris by Mr. Mero himself in conversation. I guess he figured while he was having a badge made, why not throw in a set of c
  2. Thanks all. Stay tuned for an incredible "reunion" story relating to this group very soon...
  3. Wing and prop. I only photographed one, but this is one of a two piece matched set.
  4. Here is a matched set of officer aviation collar insignia and French pilot badge attributed to Lt. Ralph Mero. These are part of a much larger group that I was fortunate enough to obtain from the man who received the items directly from Mr. Mero prior to his "going west". In conversation with Maj. Terry Morris, Mr. Mero stated that the items you see here were custom made for him in Paris. The badge and wing & prop insignia are cast - normally a dirty word for WWI aviation collectors, but not in this case. I also have the original (not a copy) of the French Brevet with the same number a
  5. Hard to say for sure as British, Russian and German types have many similarities. Can you make out any markings around the posts on the snaps? Perhaps "P R Y M" for Hans Prym is visible? If so, it is most probably German, but as Prym provided snaps during the early 1900's to many countries, it is hard to say for sure, but it definitely looks like other German examples I have seen.
  6. I agree with what Sal said above, especially the part about contacting a seller by PM - just common courtesy. I will also add that just because a certain hand or style is not readily recognized or isn't in someone's collection, that doesn't mean it can't or doesn't exist. IF someone says that they don't recognize that hand; it is no good, that is as good as saying that said person has seen EVERY single engraved medal in existence as comparison pieces - ridiculous huh? As collectors, we tend to think from a collector mentality where everything we see must fall into a neat little category that m
  7. I wish that I would have saved the auction photos, but about two years ago, there was a beautiful engraved Silver cased LSM on ebay. I believe it went for around $2,500. A steal in my opinion.
  8. Sal, You beat me to it. I think this one would overshadow the others... Here is a generational shot.
  9. Exactly. Especially where it was located, right under the nose of the Pakistani forces. I don't think we have pressed the issue hard enough with them - now THAT is what the news headlines should be about.
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