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  1. I'm wondering, does the rule against asking for Paypal gift payment include the FF option? It's kinda the same thing.

  2. So sorry to hear this. I always enjoyed his humor and knowledge over the years. He will be greatly missed. Prayers to his family. Chris
  3. The ones in the photos you posted look like BLUE-RED-WHITE to me. Again, not trying to be party pooper.
  4. Using old parts can give age. As far as movie, I doubt. I just doubt a movie would do a date like it has in the posters jacket.
  5. If you dont mind me asking, where did you get this? I dont mean to be a party pooper, but this is not the one in the picture of Halsey. The wings are different and there are differences in the ribbon construction (last ribbon in yours is wrong). The one in the Navy photos is actually still property if the Navy. I searched a bit and finally found it: https://www.history.navy.mil/our-collections/artifacts/uniforms-and-personal-equipment/uniforms0/uniform-jacket-of-admiral-william-halsey.html
  6. These are the pre-WWII Marine Corps mess dress (aka evening dress or evening mess dress). My guess late 1920s or 1930s from what I can tell of its construction on my mobile device. The style changed after World War II. The sleeve braiding on each of these should match the rank on the shoulder knots (aka shoulder boards).
  7. Wow! I cannot wait to see the final product!
  8. ADMIN

    Larry Germain

    So so sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers going out to you and your family.
  9. ADMIN

    RIP Tom Lane

    Oh that makes me very sad. Thoughts and prayers are with his family at this tough time.
  10. So very very sorry to lose such a wonderful person. Condolences to the family for sure. He will be greatly missed.
  11. Have you had any luck??? Surely someone here would know. Chris
  12. My thoughts and prayers are with his family at this terrible time. He was a wonderful person. I am just in shock.
  13. I am not sure why there is even a question: return the kits to the pocket and return the uniform. The son loaned you the uniform and everything on it for the display. The kits were in the pocket when the uniform was loaned to you to put on display so they are part of the uniform. The son did NOT actually give you anything to permanently keep. Keeping something you are not entitled to (like the kits) would be no different than swiping something off the jacket like a ribbon bar: this is called theft.
  14. It might be a good idea to make sure you post the name of the alleged vet that the bogus stuff belonged to. That way when someone later searches the internet, it should come up.
  15. Excellent work so far! Can't wait to see how it progresses.
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