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  2. So looks like the liner named vet was in the 81st Naval Construction Battalion, while the shell’s blue marking is for the 1st Engineer Special Brigade. Both units served in Utah. Just wanted to point this out. An interesting but possible combination? Ran
  3. I did say he was naughty Joe Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Here's two shoulder Leather patches I did of the 8th AAF with "detailed" wings etc, these went to a woman who's Father was in the 303rd Bombardment Group and will be ordering the Squadron's patches soon, enjoy
  5. The late great Jamas Sawicki when he was a little Private in 1938, he was then an Artilleryman with the 6th Field Artillery Regiment, 1st Division, Fort Hoyle Maryland, he later switched to Infantry, and fought as a officer in Italy with the 168th Infantry, 34th Red Bull Infantry Division, and in the Korean War in the 9th Infantry, 2nd Infantry Division.
  6. You know Owen it doesn’t matter how thick or thin my skin is, if you cannot make your point without resorting to vulgarity you have not made a point at all. Language is one thing, an f-bomb here and there is no big deal, but when the first video I watch involves monkey sex and dildos and is sorely lacking in actual content about how to use a microscope to discern fakes, you’ve lost me. If you really wanted to show me how behind the times I am you could have pointed to any number of other threads here where members have used microscopes or other magnification with resorting to creating a manifesto. I only wanted to share a nifty tool that I was personally excited about and felt could be of use to others, but obviously the spirit of helping must be “old hat” around here too.
  7. I’ve sent quite a few and never had a problem.
  8. Thank you Mike and Bugme, you guys have provided me more information about these beauties. I was nervous it was something bad, anxiety i tell ya what, but you guys have given me such a lift. I am younger collecting so to see people with so many posts, tell me such great things, i love it. This hobby is great and i thank both you gentlemen.
  9. Allow me to share this from an old topic in te Unit Crests Forum. https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/192478-100th-signal-company-di/
  10. It’s not about German it’s the process Of the microscope. It’s not my fault you are thin skinned. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  12. As everyone notices now after the huge format change, Photobucketed Images are now visible again, don't know why LOL, but you can view them, And as you see when you click link, no DIs are with this Grouping.
  13. That is amazing history and deserves to be displayed in a museum in Texas. Too bad that can't happen anymore. It'll probably be safer in a private collection anyhow.
  14. You’re correct Owen since I have very little interest in most Nazi items I was not familiar with the disgustingly vulgar rants of “Macro Joe”, thank you for the WONDERFUL experience. I never claimed to be the first to discover this, but thought it was a nifty tool and that it could help people here and shared it for that reason. It is a new tool for me, and certainly one I’m excited to carry with me to the next show, something that the wonderful gentleman you referred me to couldn’t do with his microscope. I’m glad you are already familiar with the technology and don’t see the need to help someone who may not be familiar with it so I guess my post wasn’t necessary for you! I hope it was not wasted on other members so that it was not a total waste of my time.
  15. Marty, Officer's Equipment Company did not make any of the insignia that they sold. Tesla, Yes, even though there are not any full-size aviator wings in the sample board at the top of this page, they did sell them. More about the salesman sample board: I've tried again to take close-up images of a few insignia seen in the sample board but none do any of them the justice they deserve. Yes, the sterling silver badges have tarnished over time, but the others still sparkle in the sun light.
  16. The net is the very hard to find commando/sniper net....man you got yourself two more gems there, really great high quality scores......mike
  17. I believe the barrell is 0riginal colt marked chrome lined. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Stay safe. regards, -Ed
  18. Read naughty Joes posts you might learn something Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Old hat Don’t you guys know macro joe ? Owen Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. The a4 ...yellow group is a late war...late 44 harness...the a3 or an6513 would be good for earlier displays
  21. Hello, My WW2 Mae West has a CO2 cartridge. I need to ship it and Postal service says no. Anybody ship these with no problems? Thanks, Dave
  22. Here is an Officer's Equipment Company Glider pilot wing I have. I unfortunately don't have a scale to provide the weight of it, but it's not a flimsy strike and has some weight to it.
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