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Presidential Medal for Merit (MOM)

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Posted 10 June 2007 - 11:22 AM

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Presidential Medal for Merit

The Presidential Medal for Merit is one of the highest civilian decoration of the United States. awarded by the President of the United States to civilians for exceptionally meritorious conduct. It was created by Executive Order 9637--Medal for Merit of October 3, 1945, later amended and restated by Executive Order 9857A of May 27, 1947. At the time, it was the highest award available to civilians. Created during World War II, and mostly awarded to civilians who have contributed to that war, the medal has not been awarded since 1952.

Eligible to receive the medal are civilians of any nation who have rendered exceptional service since the proclamation of an emergency by the President on September 8, 1939. Foreigners who have assisted in the war efforts of the United Nations (as existing on July 20, 1942, which is not the present UN). Proposals are considered by the Medal for Merit Board, numbering three members appointed by the President, of whom one is appointed by the President Chairman of the Board. The medal cannot be awarded for any relating to the prosecution of World War II subsequent to the cessation of hostilities (as proclaimed by Proclamation No. 2714 of December 31, 1946), and no proposal for an award for such services could be submitted after June 30, 1947.

From: http://en.wikipedia....Medal_for_Merit

Hugh L. Dryden
Hendrik Wade Bode
Granville Conway (July 16, 1947)
Edgar Sengier
Elmira Bears Wickenden
Bob Hope
Frederick Emmons Terman
William Frederick Durand
Dr Ivan A. Getting
Raymond D. Mindlin
Leroy Randle Grumman
Alfred Lee Loomis
Dr. Brian O’Brien
Irving Berlin (1945)
Rudolph Forster (June 16, 1945)
Henry Morgenthau (December 12, 1945)
Ralph K. Davies (December 12, 1945)
William Beverly Murphy (1946)
J. Robert Oppenheimer (1946)
Charles Allen Thomas (January 30, 1946)
William F. Friedman (1946)
Cyril Stanley Smith (1946)
Jerome Clarke Hunsaker (1946)
Kaufman Thuma Keller (1946)
David Luke Hopkins (1946)
Dr Theodore von Kármán (1946)
Sir William Stephenson (1946)
W. A. Harriman (1946)
Byron Price (January 15, 1946)
Samuel I. Rosenman (January 24, 1946)
J. Edgar Hoover (March 8, 1946)
John Monroe Johnson (March 8, 1946)
John J. Pelley (March 8, 1946)
Julius A. Krug (May 1, 1946)
William D. Pawley (May 13, 1946)
Paul V. McNutt (November 27, 1946)
George W. Merck (1946)
Philip McCord Morse (December 1946)
John von Neumann (1947)
Joseph Desch (1947)
Edward F. Knipling (1947)
Cordell Hull (April 15, 1947)
John Wesley Snyder (May 14, 1947)
Dean Acheson (June 30, 1947)
David K. Niles (August 20, 1947)
Louis Johnson (October 1, 1947)
Fred M. Vinson (October 3, 1947)
Dr Bruce Sage (1948)
James Gilbert Baker (1948)
George William Lewis (1948)
Dr James Gilbert Baker (1948)
Dr Robert F. Rinehart (1948)
Paul E. Klopsteg (1948)
Leason H. Adams (1948)
James Augustine Shannon (1948)
Dr Smith J. DeFrance (1948)
Linus Carl Pauling (February 2, 1948)
Vannevar Bush (May 27, 1948)
Dr Clarence N. Hickman (June 22, 1948)
Myron C. Taylor (December 20, 1948)
John Muccio (US ambassador to South Korea)

From: http://en.wikipedia....Medal_for_Merit


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