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post WWII, 50's & 60's US Air Force uniform photos

Started by Bob Hudson , May 29 2007 02:27 PM

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#826 dag

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Posted Today, 04:00 AM

Now this would have been in Chapter 15 of Into the Blue Volume 3, fatigues to the ABU IF Schiffer would print it. They declined as sales for volume 2 was slow. I tried to convince them that this was an entirely different subject but... If you can email Schiffer's and ask when volume 3 will be out it would certainly help. Lt.Col. Shulz has sugested we cut it into two volumes WW2 USAAF to the last issue BEFORE thw Woodland. Then the next volume would be camoflauge. A thought.

Thanks guys who have purchased 1 and 2. Hope they helped.


I just sent my email to Shiffer inquiring about Volume three. Somehow I missed Mr. Young's post (above) and wish I had emailed the publisher even sooner. I own (and enjoy) the first two volumes, but am looking forward most to Vol. 3 on work uniforms. 


I encourage everyone else even remotely interested in this subject area to also do the same and contact Shiffer to publish this book.

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#827 firefighter

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Posted Today, 08:13 AM

Some various photos from the 20 year career of one Joann Bolitho, USAF 1958-1978.
Graduation portrait as a 2nd Lieutenant 1958.
Vietnam as a Captain circa 1967
Retirement portrait as a Lieutenant Colonel 1978

Interesting that she doesn't wear the NURSE career field badge below her flight nurse wings. Every nurse should have that badge and that as an 0-5 she still has the basic Flights Nurse wings.I would have thought at least a senior or master.

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#828 patches

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Posted Today, 06:51 PM

How about the GI combat boots say in the 53-57 period, Brown was the standard color issue boot up till the late 56-ish September 1, 1956 (ref. DA Circular 670-5, July 1956), for the Army, and unlike the Marine Corps who had their own style issue boot, as well as web gear, the Air Force used Army stuff.

I think it would stand to reason though that AF people directly assigned to Army combat units during the Korean War, that's in Korea, in combat 1950-53, would be wearing Army GI boots.

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