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1st battalion 28th infantry 1st infantry division in vietnam

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#1 Wallis

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Posted 13 October 2019 - 01:59 PM

My father served in this unit and was awarded a bronze star for helping fend off a vietcong attack on their firebase on August 7, 1967. I was wondering if anyone had any information or knowledge on what all happened here.

#2 Cobra 6 Actual

Cobra 6 Actual
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Posted 13 October 2019 - 02:25 PM

Hello, I believe this was posted earlier by a Forum member. Unfortunately, I don’t have the original post bookmarked and the ‘hotlinks’ at the end don’t seem to work. Still this should get you started until another more knowledgeable Forum member ‘answers up’:


How to request Vietnam After Action Information 


Official Documentation may be available for your unit, unit of a friend, or the unit of a loved one. DO NOT PAY A WEB SITE FOR THIS TYPE OF INFORMATION. It is free. We recommend a personal visit to the Archives. However, if a visit is not possible, the following is SUGGESTED as a possible procedure for YOU to receive information similiar to that above. Although not a requirement, we recommend your search is limited to a six day period. 


The information below was sent to me by fellow Vietnam Veteran John Kolsun. He requested that I include it on this web site so that other veterans would know that they too can request copies of their unit's history. Besides visiting the Archives in person, there are two ways to obtain your Unit's History - method one or method two. 


 National Archives 

            Attention: Textual Reference (Vietnam) 

            8601 Adepphi Road 

            College Park, MD 20740-6001


            Date __________________ 




            Please verify the following records are available for research. 


            Unit, _________________________________________________ 


            Brigade, ______________________________________________ 


            Division, _____________________________________________ 


            Date of Action, _______________________________________ 


            OPERATIONAL REPORTS, Battalion 

            OPERATIONAL REPORTS, Brigade 

            OPERATIONAL REPORTS, Division 

            DAILY STAFF JOURNALS, Battalion 

            DAILY STAFF JOURNALS, Brigade 

            DAILY STAFF JOURNALS, Division 

            DUTY OFFICER S LOGS, Battalion 

            DUTY OFFICER S LOGS, Brigade 

            DUTY OFFICER S LOGS, Division 

            MACV Records 





            Last,      First      MI 



            Street Address,  



            City,         State     Zip




 (Your Congressman or Congresswoman Address here)


            Date __________________ 


            Dear Congressman / Congresswoman, 


            I have been informed by the National Archives the following records are

            available for my research. 










            I cannot arrange a trip to the National Archives. I am requesting that your

            Washington DC office assign a member of their staff to visit the Archives,

            copy the records, and send the copies to the address below. I understand

            that I am responsible for the cost of copies. 


            Thank you (Sign your name) 

You may print out Step One and Step Two by double-clicking the below: 

  • Click Here and print out After Action Step One (.txt) on your printer.

  • Click Here and print out After Action Step Two (.txt) on your printer.

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