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Some Boxer Rebellion Portraits

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#1 Dirk



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Posted 21 October 2017 - 10:00 AM

A few Boxer Rebellion related portraits that might be of interest. Since they don't fit my websites theme, here seems a good place to post them. First, is a portrait of a young boy, taken in Nagasaki Japan, August 21st 1900. His hat talley reads "USAT Hancock", which at that time was a ship belonging to the Army's fleet of transport ships. Nagasaki was a important coaling station for US ships transiting between the States and the Philippine Islands. The city also served as a logistics hub for the Americans during the Rebellion. Many times US Army Transports would stop in Nagaski before pushing on to North China. I read it took two ships to move an American Regiment during that period: one transport would hold about 1000 men while the other would haul their equipment and other supplies. Since we know the date this photo was taken, right after the capture of Peking, we can assume the USAT Hancock was still shuttling men and supplies to China. I doubt the boy was in service, given his age, but it is possible he was the child of one of the serving officers of that ship and was given this uniform, probably made by the ships tailor.

A second portrait recently found in England of all places, this one of LTC John Mallory taken in Hong Kong I am guessing in October of 1900, as the American forces were beginning their withdraw from China. At the start of the Boxer Rebellion, Mallory was with the 41st Volunteer Infantry, but must have persuaded the War Department to send him to China, joining the 9th Infantry during their unsuccessful attack on Tientsin in July 1900. General Chaffee, the American Commander noted, Mallory was already on the ground when he arrived in August of that year with more American reinforcements. Chafee sent Mallory as his representative to the Japanese forces who were advancing alongside the Americans, Russians and English toward Peking. Chafee's official report notes Mallory's excellent service during the campgain. Following the capture of Peking, Mallory would return to the PI and then within the year to serve as our Military Attache to the Chinese Imperial Court, and would go on to achieve flag rank before retiring in the 1920's.

Would welcome anyone else to add their Boxer Rebellion related portraits here as well

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Posted 21 October 2017 - 12:06 PM

Great images & history, Dirk, Thanks for sharing! Bob

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