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M5A1 Commercial bayonet grips

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#1 Chas100

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Posted 21 November 2015 - 10:16 AM

I've been searching the web and also referencing Gary's excellent book "US Knife Bayonets & Scabbards" but I can't find any reference of either commercial or non USGI grips for the M5 series of bayonets. The book does mention that some of the early grips had no part number marked on the under side of the grips and the checkering is straight across the top as opposed to the later style where the checkering rolls up to the top.

I needed a screw for one of my M5A1's and found them on EBay. The seller had 3 pairs of grips along with 6 screws so I purchased the package to have extra screws and grips if needed. The 3 pairs of grips are in good shape but only 1 of the 6 grips (3 left and 3 right side) has a part number. One pair of grips seems to be a lighter color than the grips that I've saw or have.

Is there anyway to tell if the grips are non USGI or commercial ? I'm not sure that there are even commercially made grips.

#2 bayonetman



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Posted 22 November 2015 - 11:27 AM

I know for certain that some of the companies that made the plastic gripped bayonets (M4 through M7) did not make the grips - they obtained them from companies that specialized in molded plastic products.  I BELIEVE that most of the bayonet makers obtained their grips from outside suppliers.  Also I have been told that Century Arms had grips made for the bayonets they assembled from the parts batch they got from Milpar when they closed.


I do not know how many companies made the various grips (M4, M5/M6 and M7).  There are some minor differences (other than the design variation mentioned by Chas100) in the M5 and M5A1 grips that might indicate different makers, but I don't know anything definite.


As such, it is possible that one or more of the actual grip panel makers may have sold them commercially, especially if they had some overruns.  I doubt that they would be marked in a way to determine military or civilian use.

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#3 Chas100

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Posted 22 November 2015 - 06:23 PM

Thanks Gary. I purchased your latest book and read that some of the earlier versions did not have a part number on them. The grips i purchased do not look as though they are very old. The cost of the 6 grips and 6 screws was pretty cheap so i just purchased the whole set.

I'll post some pics of them do give you an idea what i have.

Thank you again

#4 sactroop

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Posted 25 November 2015 - 05:47 PM

I would like to add that for at least some of the  "overseas" copies of the U.S. bayonets, the grip panels are unique to them and will not fit a genuine U.S. bayonet of the same pattern.

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